Firefighter Daigo: Rescuer in Orange – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

The Destined Three

Firefighter Daigo: Rescuer in Orange Episode 1 begins with half the city under fire and firefighters working to put out fires at multiple places. Shun climbs onto a crane and reaches high up on a tilting building. He sees a man lying unconscious and carries him back to the crane. 

Just then, he sees Daigo carrying a woman out of the smoke while trembling. Shun takes her aboard the crane, and Daigo runs into the smoke to save more people. Shun reports it back to the staff on the ground and they throw in a lifeline.

They witness Daigo climbing down the lifeline with a baby attached to the harness. Shun scolds him for his habit of not telling people things. Daigo apologizes, claiming he was using Ascent Breathing to conserve air. Daigo walks up to the survivors to check on them.

The next day Shun begins preparing his uniform for training, remembering the punishment he had to face for having just a thread on his shoulder. He accidentally runs over the carabiner ropes and the trainer makes him apologize several times.

He then recalls his joining the rescue corps and clearing the test on the first try. He narrates the various exercises and studies done in the special rescue techniques training which has a passing rate of 11%. 

They do a drill where they run toward the instructor on call. The group is exhausted, and yet Yuki performs with absolute resilience and dedication. He also watches Daigo tirelessly complete the drill, wondering if he is a cyborg.

They go on to do another drill of pulling people up on stretchers to be rescued. Only trainees who make it through without dropping out are allowed to be members of the elite squad. He introduces the Fire Chief Mr. Yamagami who is a strict mentor. 

Post that they engage in a drill, holding themselves up between 2 walls. Mr. Yamagami challenges them to stay for as long as possible. With time the first 2 falls, followed by Shun and then Yuki. This leaves Daigo and Mr. Yamagami to compete. Unfortunately, Daigo tires out as well and falls.

Later that night, he sees Daigo requesting Mr. Yamagami something. At the end of Firefighter Daigo: Rescuer in Orange episode 1, Shun joins him in a workout and questions him about what he is hiding claiming they are friends.

The Episode Review

Firefighter Daigo: Rescuer in Orange episode 1 makes its debut and feels similar to the genre of team sports drama, except the sport is firefighting. The anime presents itself from the perspective of Shun, a teammate of Daigo. The chapter starts off with a rescue mission run by the Special Rescue Corps as they rescue people stuck in a burning, tilted building.

Daigo displays all the qualities of a committed firefighter, even in aspects you might think he didn’t. Post that we have a narration by Shun of their journey getting into the Special Rescue Corps as well. It seems like the training phase will go on for a while, but let’s hope we get into some firefighting action soon enough!


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