Fingernails (2023) Ending Explained – Does Anna leave Ryan?

Fingernails Plot Summary

Fingernails is Apple TV+’s newest science fiction movie. In this futuristic movie, people have developed a machine that can detect how much a couple is in love. Zero means neither is in love, 50% means only one person is in love and 100% means both are in love.

The film follows the lives of Anna and Ryan, who took the test three years ago and got a positive response. Ryan seems complacent in the relationship but Anna has some doubts. She then takes up a job at the Love Training Institute which helps couples get closer to each other. However, she lies to Ryan and claims to be working at an elementary school instead.

As time goes by, she tries using the exercises from the Love Training Institute on her and Ryan but it doesn’t seem to work. At the same time, she becomes closer to her colleague at work, named Amir.

Does Ryan find out about Anna’s job?

Anna keeps trying to engage with Ryan in different activities but it doesn’t go well. After a pottery workshop that Ryan didn’t enjoy, Anna confesses that she works at the Love Training Institute. Ryan is shocked. Anna claims she thought he would oppose the job or wonder if she thought something was wrong with them (she does, though).

Ryan says he wouldn’t have done either of those things and can’t understand why she didn’t tell him. They make up after the argument anyway and Anna invites him to attend an office party with her. At the party, Anna and Amir keep watching the other while dancing. Anna meets Natasha, Amir’s partner, but soon realises she doesn’t even know basic details about him like the fact that he’s allergic to gluten.

Do Anna and Amir fall in love?

Anna and Amir continue to be attracted to each other but neither acts on it. While working with a young couple that Anna adores, they come up against some trouble. At the time of the testing, the man gets scared to have his nail pulled out. Amir makes the decision to pull his own nail out, just to show the man that it doesn’t hurt.

Afterwards, Anna pulls out her own nail and tests it with Amir’s. She gets a 50% result and seems disappointed by it. When she asks Duncan, her boss, if a person can be in love with two people, he says it’s a biological impossibility.

At home, Anna brings up the idea of retaking the test with Ryan. He’s upset at the implication that their feelings have changed and they argue. When Anna can’t sleep through the night, Ryan agrees to take the test and they leave to do so immediately. The result is 100%. Anna seems less than enthusiastic about it.

How does Fingernails end?

Anna goes back to work where she and Amir are given a new couple to test. Anna puts their fingernails into the machine but a whirring sound occurs and the machine goes blank. She calls Amir in to check on it. While he’s fiddling around with wires, she confesses everything.

She tells him she knows about Natasha and reveals the results of the tests with him and with Ryan. From the data, she surmises that it means that Amir is in love with her but she isn’t in love with him. Amir seems to agree but he’s shaken by the news.

Amir leaves, telling the secretary that he’s unwell and needs a few days off. Anna meets with Ryan at a friend’s birthday party but seems distracted. After it’s over, she tells Ryan she’s hungry and goes out to eat alone. Except she actually buys soup and goes to Amir’s house. He lets her in and they even laugh about how bad the soup is before Anna tells Amir she wants to kiss him. She takes a step towards him and they kiss.

Afterwards, Amir admits that he tested many times but was never positive. Until now. That’s why he joined the institute, to understand love a little more. Anna says she doesn’t want to leave but Amir asks her what she plans to do about Ryan. Seeing that she’s distraught, Amir agrees to let her stay the night.

Once he’s fallen asleep she gets up and goes to the kitchen, looking for pliers. She begins pulling out her remaining fingernails. Amir is woken up by the noise and rushes to her. Anna says she doesn’t want them anymore. Amir comforts her and the film comes to a close.

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