Fight The Fade – Apophysitis | Album Review

Track List

(Not) Enough
Matter Of Time
Old Wounds
Where You Go I Go
Lost It All
Letting Go
Cut & Run
On My Own


This music is thrilling and engaging, and Fight The Fade pushes their work to the limits with their album Apophysitis. The band, stretch their capabilities to breaking point, delivering a sound which ultimately plays on the mind. Their hopes and dreams are on the line too, as described through the lyrical waves, and the optimism they once had has been shattered. And this type of music isn’t gutless, nor is it pretentious. It’s true and relevant, while being dark in content.

This dark content comes directly from the minds of these musicians who stake their claim. And they’re clearly hurt while trying to combat their thumping hangovers and inner conflicts. The music also highlights events and moments which aren’t glossy or pretty, but are actually messy. After all, these themes give the listeners an insight into a world that is stricken.

The guitar wizardly blasts open new horizons. Fight The Fade is a talented unit of musicians, and on this album, they showcase their musical knowhow seamlessly.

The album starts with ‘(Not) Enough’, which is surprisingly calm until the screams fill the void. The band opens up about burning regrets. ‘Old Wounds’ fires on all cylinders, and the subtle vocals rise up. This song conveys a man drinking too much. Every guitar part clicks into place. ‘Stratosphere’ sounds different and it has a poppy feel, while still sticking to the pessimistic lyricism.

Fight The Fade examine their own dark world here, and they try to climb out of a deep hole unscathed.

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