Fighter (2024) Ending Explained – Does Patty manage to stop Azhar? Do Patty and Mini end up together?

Fighter Plot Summary

The existing members of Air Dragons, the Indian Air Force’s Squadron welcome members aviators Mini and Sukhi to the team. The Air Dragons live at their base camp located in Srinagar, Kashmir. The territorial conflict between India and Pakistan over the occupancy of the state of Kashmir has made the situation tense for the Indian Air Force (IAF) pilots.

Over the year, Mini starts developing feelings for Patty, the ace fighter pilot on the team. Mini learns that Patty is suffering from PTSD due to the death of his ex-fiancée during a mission. One day, the news of a sudden suicide bombing in the city of Pulwama, Kashmir leaves the members of Air Dragons shocked.

They learn that a terrorist named Azhar Akhtar had trained militants. One of the militants attacked a convoy of vehicles carrying Indian Army Soldiers, killing 40 soldiers in the wake. Patty and the team are infuriated by the incident and decide to make Azhar and his terrorist group suffer.

How do Patty and his squad respond to the Pulwama attack?

Patty meets the Defence Minister of India and talks to him about an airstrike he has in mind. The “Mission Bandar (Monkey)” aims at destroying the militant base Azhar has set up in Pakistan. Patty and his team prepare for the air strike during an Indian Air Force celebration. Azhar is caught off guard as Patty and his squad manage to kill 300 militants.

The incident leaves Azhar badly injured but the terrorist manages to survive. He calls the Pakistan fighter pilot Red Nose who tackles and corners Indian Fighter Pilot – Taj’s aircraft. Patty shows up to help Taj and manages to threaten Red Nose, saving Taj. Patty strikes a deal with Red Nose and the two jets go back to their respective basecamps.

What does the Pakistan Air Force do to harm the IAF?

While the Air Dragons celebrate the win, Azhar riles up the Pakistan Air Force and asks them to make the Indian Air Force pay for their attack. The Pakistan fighter jets show up inside the Indian Line of Control (LOC) and attack India in broad daylight. The Pakistan Air Force attacks the Indian Air Force in different phases to divide the Indian fighter pilot’s attention.

Patty recognises Red Nose’s fighter jet and chases after him on his jet. Taj follows after Patty’s jet and the two try to nab Red Nose. Red Nose leads the two jets inside Pakistan and despite Rocky’s refusal, Patty crosses the Indian border and enters Pakistan in his quest to attack Red Nose’s jet.

What happens to Taj and Bash?

Suddenly, four other Pakistan Air Force jets attack Patty and Taj’s jet. Patty tries to help Taj escape but Red Nose reminds Patty of NJ. Patty immediately suffers and panic attack which causes him to freeze. In the meantime, Taj’s jet is misplaced and gets lost in Pakistan. Rocky asks Patty to return to base camp immediately.

At the base camp, Rocky blames Patty for being selfish yet again and endangering the lives of Taj and Bash, two of the Air Force pilots who were captured in Pakistan. Rocky orders an inquiry on Patty’s code of conduct and during the hearing, Rocky asks Patty to be stripped of his position as a pilot of the Indian Air Force.

What does Patty tell Mini’s parents?

Mini tries to talk to Rocky about his decision. Rocky reveals that NJ was his sister who died because of Patty’s reckless decision. He adds that Patty is immensely talented and tends to forget that people in his team are not as talented as him. There he meets a rookie fighter pilot Neha Jaiswal who also goes by the name “NJ”. He is reminded of his ex as well as his friends from the Air Force, especially Mini.

Patty decides to resign from his job and goes back home to live with his father. At the airport, Patty accidentally ends up meeting Mr Rathore, Mini’s father. He praises Mini and tells Mr Rathore that she was making him proud despite him disowning her for joining the force. Patty returns home and soon learns from the news that Pakistan is sending both Taj and Bash back to India.

What happens to Bash? Does the Squadron bring Taj back?

On the other hand, Azhar tortures Bash and Taj in Pakistan. Patty comes to the Srinagar base camp to welcome the two captured soldiers. However, he and the rest of the squad are shocked to see Rocky return with Bash’s dead body. Rocky tells the squad that Pakistan had chopped Bash’s body in pieces while refusing to send Taj.

The entire group is furious but somehow carries out Bash’s funeral. There, Patty promises Saanchi that he will bring Taj back to her. Surprisingly, in Pakistan, Azhar gets a call from the Indian undercover agent who reveals details about the upcoming plans of the Indian Air Force. Taj is shocked to learn how the Indian undercover agent was relaying classified information to the terrorist.

Rocky and his squad hatch a plan to bring Taj back. Patty asks to be a part of the mission but Rocky denies him. Just as she is about to leave for the mission, Mini’s parents show up at the base camp. They reconcile with their daughter and tell her how they are proud of what she is doing for the country. Mini thanks Patty for talking to her parents and leaves for her mission.

What happens to Azhar?

The Indian troops mask their three fighter jets over a commercial aircraft coming from Russia and successfully enter Pakistan. The jets make it to Azhar’s base camp and attack him. Azhar is caught off guard and realises that the secret agent from India has relayed false information about the Indian Air Force’s plans to trap him.

The fighter jets bomb Azhar’s base camp, killing many terrorists. Mini and the team manage to save Taj and are on their way to bring him back to India. However, Azhar shows up and attacks Sukhi. Rocky asks the other fighter jets to save Sukhi who is being beat up by the giant terrorist. Red Nose also shows up in his jet to attack the two remaining Indian jets.

Mini’s jet is also attacked in the ordeal but Rocky asks her to help Naughty and Sukhi. Patty, who is unable to see his friends suffering decides to go on his own accord to help them. Rocky decides to join Patty and the two attack Red Nose’s jet. After a tough fight, Patty positions his jet above Red Nose’s jet.

He asks Rocky to prepare for an emergency ejection and lets his jet drop on Red Nose’s jet, killing the Pakistan fighter pilot. Patty and Rocky land at Azhar’s base camp. Patty and Azhar fight each other off. Eventually, Patty defeats Azhar with help from Rocky, Mini as well as Taj, who is injured from being held hostage.

How does Fighter end?

Eventually, the squad brings Taj back to India where he meets Saanchi. Rocky apologises to Patty for blaming him for NJ’s death. The COO hugs his ace pilot as they bury the hatchet. Rocky asks Patty to embrace the future and accept his feelings for Mini. Patty obeys his superior and kisses Mini as the film comes to an end.


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