Fidlar – That’s Life | Album Review

Track Listing

On Drugs
Sand On The Beach
Taste The Money
That’s Life


Lyrically imaginative and sonically engaging, That’s Life by Fidlar goes against the core of love, and absolutely obliterates it. It isn’t an easy listen at times, but it is a clever assessment of life, and it’s punk infused and raucous in its delivery. From the onset, the band means to teach us about how life has cut into them, how their dreams have been smashed to pieces, and their hopes and desires have been drained like a bad infection.

Yearning to be fixed, the band run towards the light at moments but get caught up in the gloom; a suffocating darkness which coats everything. The lyrics are brazen, to say the least, and they’re certainly not happy or uplifting. They’re straight to the point, pushing against the grain.

Fidlar tries to force their way through the mess they’ve created, and on this EP, they describe their world as a drug infested cesspit. Though, there are undoubtedly moments when they ascend from the gutter, trying their best at a normal life.

‘Centipede’ is an eye-opening song describing a downtrodden life. The guitars are blistering and love gets completely thwarted. ‘Sand On The Beach’ goes along the same way, and it conveys broken love and the effects of being under the influence. The instrumentals, again, are abrasive.

‘Taste The Money’ is an angst-ridden punk song, with lyrics that test the mind. It has a riff that pleases while ‘That’s Life’ is bittersweet and angry, pointing straight at the world and its defences. However, this track does seem a little broken and for some, it could be too much.

Overall, Fidlar does well here to tell us their frustrations, with a passive aggressive shrug and a nod; “That’s Life.”

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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