Final Fantasy 16 Guide: How to beat Suparna and Chirada

Final Fantasy 16 Boss Guide: Suparna and Chirada

Suparna and Chirada are the first real test that you’ll be facing in Final Fantasy 16, and if you’re not prepared for it, you could be overwhelmed. This fight is essentially the next step up from the earlier Chirada fight in Lostwing. It occurs during the middle of the walkthrough for Headwind, and is a double-bill for this chapter with Benedikta.

The fight occurs just after fighting through the castle grounds. Here, you’ll be fighting off two enemies and they’re rather quick so keep your wits about you.

Should you focus on Suparna or Chirada?

When the fight begins, both foes will split up and vary their attacks. Chirada focuses on melee attacks while Suparna will keep a distance and hit you with ranged attacks. With that in mind, the first thing to do is lock onto Chirada and focus on him.

Using a combination of dodging (with L1) and pummeling your foe with melee strikes, Suparna can be ignored for now. It is a good idea to swing the camera around just to keep an eye on Suparna incase of any cheap shots, but his ranged attacks are quite easy to dodge. If you’re naturally moving away from Chirada’s melee strikes anyway, this should just occur naturally.

Do be aware of Suparna’s Beam Attack here, which it uses to slice across the ground. It’ll come as waves so be sure to move across to an open spot where the ground isn’t highlighted in colour.

Is there anything significant that happens when staggering?

Once you get one of the enemies (preferably Chirada if you’re following this guide) to mid-stagger, you’ll be granted a Cinematic Attack, which you need to deal with by hitting evade, then using the attack prompt. This will see both enemies staggered, but keep your focus on Chirada.

Once staggered, use your Limit Break for maximum damage and hit with your best Eikon abilities.

After the first stagger, Chirada and Suparna will start using a named attack called Perfect Storm. There will be points on the floor you need to avoid, but to make things more difficult, Chirada will also charge at you from around the room. This will happen a total of three times, so be sure to count these out, keep a lock on Chirada and be mindful of where you’re dodging to.

What happens after one of the foes are defeated?

If you keep with our tactic and take out Chirada first, eventually the fight will switch to just Suparna. Regardless of whom you slay first though, the other will start using Inheritance, which essentially absorbs the power of the other.

Until the end of the fight, this remaining fighter will start using powerful ranged and melee attacks in conjunction with a variation on that earlier Beam Attack now coming from both sides of the wall. Be sure you’re in the square between shots and pummel with your projectiles while this move is occurring.

Also be mindful of the fact they’ll be doing melee swings but there will be a total of three in a row as well, so if you’re attacking between, only use your Precision Counter on the third swipe.

It’s a good idea to keep a distance as the fight gets into the second phase, with the suped up version of Chirada/Suparna. Get a feel for the aggression and general attack patterns and nail those dodges and Precision Counters. Save up your Limit Break when there’s only 25% of the stagger bar left and use it when your foe is staggered for maximum damage. The same can be said for your Eikon abilities too. Eventually though, you’ll best the duo.

What rewards do you get for winning?

Defeating Suparna and Chirada will grant you a tasty array of rewards, which are as follows:

2 Clouded Eye 35 Sharp Fang 30 Magicked Ash
30 EXP 45 Ability Points 1200 Gil

And that’s pretty much all there is to defeating Suparna and Chirada! Next up is Benedikta, who will pose a much more significant challenge to your abilities.


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