Final Fantasy 16 Guide: How to beat Benedikta

Final Fantasy 16 Boss Guide: Benedikta

Benedikta is a Dominant and a tough one at that. This is the first real test of your skills so be sure to use your potions as and when you need to. Toward the end of the fight, Torgal will return so be sure to use his healing powers too.

For most of this fight, get used to running around a lot, strafing from side to side to avoid Benedikta’s nasty abilities, which are both quick and deadly. It’s also worth bearing in mind too that this is a three Phase fight.

Are there any particular tips during the fight?

If you’re not already, use Torgal’s Cure power. If you have the accessory attached that lets Torgal’s abilities be automated, you don’t need to worry. Otherwise, press the left directional button and then tap right, which will see him cast cure and replenish some of your health.

Use your Limit Break here when Benedikta is down on the ground and be sure to watch Benedikta’s attacks as she does have an obvious tell during most of these attacks. Within the game, she’ll “wind up” her attacks, where she’ll either float in the air, fly around the stage or jump backwards. When she does this, be prepared to dodge.

Note the number of strikes here too so you don’t get caught out, Benedikta uses a mixture of three and five strikes so be sure to use that to your advantage. Oh, and use the Phoenix’s Heatwave ability too, which can be massively helpful against Benedikta’s projectiles.

How to beat Benedikta in Phase 1?

Benedikta will start the fight with ranged Aero variations and ranged attacks. She’ll use a few of these at once, so don’t charge after the first.

Suparna and Chirada will have been good practice for this fight, because you need to be watching the attack patterns and exploiting them to your benefit. Be sure to wait for an opening with Benedikta as you can be punished by blasting in kamikaze style.

Benedikta is keen to use Wind Blade, which is a low horizontal attack that you’ll need to jump over. Keep a distance when she’s using this, as it can knock you off your feet if you’re hit.

During this early phase, use a mixture of projectile strikes and use Heatwave here too, which is particularly effective for dodging projectiles.

What happens after Benedikta semi-primes?

After getting Benedikta low on health, a short scene will ensue where she Semi-primes. After a Cinematic Evasion sequence mid-battle (which you need to pass by pressing R1) Benedikta will be back to full health, but this time she’s a lot stronger.

Benedikta will use a number of nasty Eikon abilities here, including Nosedive. This will see her jumping into the air and dropping from above. Like the other diving moves in her arsenal, it’ll be orchestrated on the ground with a splash radius so be sure to dodge this.

She also has a tendency of flying around the battlefield, hitting you with ranged attacks, followed by a lunge. Keep circling in the same direction as her to avoid these, and hit with some projectiles too to chip away at her stun bar.

Once she’s back on the ground, Benedikta will do a set of three attacks, so wait until she’s finished attacking before getting in close to attack. She will also do some Aero attacks during this section too, again with three attacks in a row for each version.

Benedikta can also pummel you with Aero Rain, an ability that will see her circle outside the arena, shooting bolts in your direction. Just dodge out the way of these or keep running around the battlefield and eventually you’ll stagger her down.

How do you beat Benedikta during Phase 2?

After the first Stagger, Benedikta will perform another Cinematic attack that you’ll need to evade this with a press of R1. If you can follow up with a strike after, you’ll immediately stagger her again, allowing for extra damage to be done.

Unfortunately, Benedikta isn’t done just yet. She’ll start using Tornado here too. This sees a highlighted spot on the ground where Benedikta will summon a tornado and damage you if you’re inside.

There’s also a new two-part attack called Gathering Clouds, where she’ll suck in air toward her, followed by the Rammelfall attack we saw during the Cinematic. Avoid this by dodging to the side before she hits the ground.

Benedikta has a tendency to use Aerial Slash, similar to Wind Blade, which sees three vertical slashes hit in your direction, followed by those horizontal Wind Blade strikes mentioned earlier.

Once she’s down to around 25% of her health, another cutscene will see Torgal rejoin you and two Strike prompts in a row… but we’re still not done yet!

How do you slay Benedikta for good during Phase 3?

The next phase of the fight will see Benedikta use the same attacks as before, but now with a powered-up version of Tornado, followed by a grab and some slams in a single location.

The main new attack though is Deadly Embrace, a nasty move that will see her try to grab Clive and pull him toward her. Should she be successful, there’s a tiny window of time to dodge before Benedikta drops you head-first on the ground. If she manages to do this, Benedikta will follow up with a heavy damaging Twister that can’t be blocked or avoided.

What rewards do you get for winning?

Defeating Benedikta will grant you a tasty array of rewards, which are as follows:

1 The Will of Fire 50 Wyrit 2 Meteorite
60 EXP 150 Ability Points 2200 Gil

And that’s pretty much all there is to defeating Benedikta! Of course, if you have any specific tips or tricks, do be sure to let us know in the comments below!

Next up is Garuda, who will pose as another tough fight for you.

Suparna and Chirada


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