Feedback – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Final Mystery

Episode 5 of Feedback catches us up with Marcin, who’s dragged out the car by Slawek and his goons. Subdued, he’s taken into the kitchen and told to drink. Given his constant relapses and slips, it’s a tough pill to swallow to watch Marcin slip up once more and knock back the spirits. Ula’s memory continues to swirl around as Slawek mentions exactly what went down in the past.

Slawek was recommended to recruit Piotrek by Zbyszek, knowing that he’s a whizz with computers (as evidenced in the flashbacks we saw earlier in the series). Piotrek was actually on Slawek’s side, until he obviously recorded incriminating details about his boss, then he turned his back on the organisation.

Marcin continues to drink, with Slawek going on to reveal that Zbyszek has been taking advantage of Marcin this entire time. Piotr wanted to quit but he was afraid Zbyszek. Slawek dumps him back at the residence with one massive hangover about to come on.

What does Marcin do to Zbyszek?

In the morning, Marcin is livid and rushes out to confront Zbyszek at his apartment. He immediately maces him and ties the man up. With a knife in hand, Marcin demands the truth. As Zbyszek pleads for his life, Marcin has heard enough and tapes his mouth shut. Just before piercing him with a knife, the phone rings.┬áIt’s Cezary.

Apparently the police have found Piotr’s phone and his son has left a message for him. Marcin heads into the office and he’s warned that this message won’t be pleasant.

What happened at the restaurant?

As Cezary hits the play button, Piotr says goodbye, admitting that he’s already spoken about this at the restaurant but he probably won’t remember

Piotrek tried to commit suicide, slitting his wrists in the bath. This checks out with Lolus’ story earlier in the season when Marcin questioned him. Piotrek wanted to kill himself and asked Lolus not to get the hospital involved. That night, he meets with Marcin, who’s a drunken mess when he arrives at the restaurant.

Piotr wanted out and he admitted to Ewa that he loved her. She was the only one who really, truly understood him. And now, as he spills his guts about how he feels, we have Marcin as a complete drunken slob. He’s not listening to his son, who admits he never should have been born and regrets his life.

As things escalate, Piotr pays his bill and leaves his father behind. Or at least, he tries to. Marcin catches up and tells Piotr he needs to get help. When Piotr pulls away, Marcin lashes out and punches his son in the face. It’s enough for Piotr to promise to make him remember everything, before bitterly leaving and getting the train. Here, he records the message for Marcin, which lays out exactly how he feels. He’s disgusted by Marcin and tells him he’s a nobody and has been abusive his whole life.

What happened to Piotr? Was he murdered?

Piotr eventually heads out to the woods and kills himself. “My hatred for you has exhausted me,” Piotr admits, going on to say he’s had enough and he’s not running anymore. And with that, he hangs himself… and records himself committing suicide too.

It’s a bitter pill for Marcin to take, who has been convinced that his son was murdered all this time. And naturally, Marcin heads to the pub to drown his sorrows in alcohol. In the morning, Ula questions Marcin’s ideals, pointing out that he’s going to get himself killed. And that’s enough for him to clean everything up and take the alcohol outside. There’s been one tragedy in the family already, something that Marcin has been the orchestrator for.

This is the turning point for Marcin, who finally decides to make a difference in his life and stop drinking.

The Episode Review

Feedback ends with us finally seeing Marcin ready to make a difference in his life. But damn did it have to be a real punch in the face (like the one Sylwie got by Marcin) to serve as a wake-up call to the damage he’s done.

All of Piotr’s life he’s longed for the love and affection from his father, and unfortunately Marcin has been too busy drinking his life down the pan to really pay attention. Ultimately, this show serves as a cautionary tale over the dangers of drinking, and how important it is to be there for your children.

The central mystery isn’t really a mystery per-se, as it basically ends with Marcin’s realization that his son commit suicide rather than this being a murder like he initially thought. And even worse, Piotr did so because he felt like he had no way out and no support from his father. Those scenes at the restaurant were definitely difficult to watch!

The show has been a bit overlong and it also leaves a few loose threads, but ultimately the ending is the strongest part of this 5 episode series.


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