The Fear Street Trilogy Ending Explained – Did Sarah Fier really curse Shadyside?

Fear Street Trilogy Plot Synopsis

The Fear Street trilogy revolves around a curse on the town of Shadyside. The kids there are convinced that a deceased girl from 1666 called Sarah Fier is to blame. According to them, she cursed the town into a constant cycle of killings and bad luck. This has subsequently led to Shadyside being called the murder capital of America.

When Deena and her friends stumble upon the bones of Sarah Fier, they find themselves front and center of this terrible curse.

It soon becomes apparent that the clues to stopping this lie in the past, and specifically with a woman named Cindy Berman. She’s one of a handful of survivors from a massacre that claimed many victims at Camp Nightwing. However, it turns out Cindy is actually Ziggy, her younger sister, who adopted her sister’s identity after she died.

Believing that they need to reunite Sarah Fier’s severed hand with her body, Deena and the gang set out and manage to do so, only for Deena to be transported back to 1666 after touching her hand.

Deena is now stuck playing out Sarah Fier’s origin story – but can she survive the ordeal? And what does this mean for the kids back in 1994?

Who cursed Sunnyvale?

Since 1666, the Union (the town’s name prior to it splitting in half) have been convinced that Sarah Fier is the true witch and plague-bringer across the land. To make matters worse, Sarah’s healing abilities only grow suspicions among the frightened and paranoid townsfolk.

Sarah is romantically involved with Hannah, as it turns out, whom she romances in secret away from the prying eyes of the villagers. Unfortunately, one night they end up kissing and are spotted by the resident town creep, Mad Thomas.

Word spreads across town of their deed, and at the town hall the villagers make their mind up that the pair are witches and sinners.

Just prior to this though, the town begins suffering a series of terrible events. Rotting food and cannibalistic pigs seem to be a result of Sarah and Hannah’s relationship.

The truth is, Solomon Goode is the real culprit here. Solomon is a widowed loner who lives outside the settlement. His wife and child died and are buried nearby to his abode. Despite putting on a happy face, underneath that he’s anything but.

Why does Solomon curse Shadyside?

Solomon is disenfranchised with his life and believes he deserves to have better luck than what he’s been given. In fact, he’s so adamant on this that he kills others in order to protect his own happiness. Each victim is etched in stone underground. Solomon is the one who kills the Widow and steals the demonic book originally, with all this wickedness emanating from his own basement.

He’s set up a witch’s altar, complete with a pentagram. Summoning the Devil, the first victim is Cyrus Miller. This cycle of violence continues, while bestowing good fortunes on Solomon and his subsequent ancestors.

How does Sarah lose her hand? And what’s the significance of this?

Sarah and Solomon fight in the latter’s basement after Sarah discovers he’s the true culprit behind the awful events in town. While fighting, Solomon ends up cutting Sarah Fier’s hand off.

Sarah leaves that behind while she flees, but unfortunately she’s captured by Solomon and brought back to town.

Unwilling to see Hannah sacrificed, Sarah takes the full brunt of the blame, telling everyone that she’s a witch and actually enchanted Hannah. She does this to save her life.

While being hung, Sarah promises never to let Solomon go and to reveal the truth in the future. No matter what, she’ll make sure everyone knows the truth.

Hannah Miller and the surviving kids move Fier’s body somewhere else other than under the tree, in a location only they know. Sarah’s last promise before she died is to show exactly what Solomon has done through a curse placed upon her hand.

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Who is Solomon’s ancestor?

Sherriff Nick Goode and his entire bloodline is connected with Solomon and actually evil. He’s the one responsible for the Camp Nightwing massacre and the Shadyside Mall incident too.

The Goodes are actually trading people as sacrifices to keep the allure of good fortune going from all those yeas back. The Devil feeds on the dead blood of the Shadysiders while Goode and their family get whatever they want.

In essence, Sunnyside get better and better while the Shadysiders are sacrificed. The cycle continues, with the responsibility passed from first born to first born, all the way to Nick Goode. Sarah Fier is actually innocent in all this.

Do the kids stop the curse?

The kids in 1994 soon realize that the only way to stop this is to kill Nick Goode, thus preventing the curse from being spread to his ancestors. In order to do so, the kids formulate a plot to trick Nick and lure him into submission.

Nick has been resurrecting past Shadyside killers to get rid of anyone who touches Sarah Fier’s bones. He obviously doesn’t want his family secret to leak out and becomes dead-set on keeping this under wraps.

Anyway, the teens manage to trick Nick Goode at the mall, and the curse is eventually broken once Deena kills Nick, with Sarah Fier seemingly controlling her while doing so. Solomon’s curse is broken and Sam is freed from her maniacal state.

The pulsating mass underground (we’ll just call it the curse’s heart) eventually withers and retreats into the ground.

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How does the Fear Street Trilogy end?

With the curse broken, all is not well in Sunnyside. Their spate of good luck is over. Sheriff Goode’s truth is revealed while Deena and Josh are back on talking terms and closer than ever.

Ziggy shows up to see Nurse Lane too, returning her book and rekindling what they had back at camp. Josh also discovers the identity of his mystery emailer; it’s a girl from school! Out in the woods, Deena and Sam mark Sarah’s grave and kiss.

It’s a happy ending all round as the curse is lifted and everything is over… or is it? As the credits begin rolling, we pan across to the basement where someone grabs the demonic book.

So who could it be? We’re left with an ambiguous final shot, hinting that there could well be more to this story than meets the eye. Could it be that one of Nick Goode’s ancestors is intent on revitalizing the ghosts of the past?



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