FBI: International – Season 2 Episode 22 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Fencing the Mona Lisa

Episode 22 of FBI: International Season 2 begins with a steamy moment between Powell and Vo. At the same time, over in Bryansk Oblast, Russia, a man is seemingly paying off another to do something for him. At the border, the guy from earlier lures two soldiers driving a truck to a secluded place, telling them they’re being inspected for a second time. Suddenly, the original man shows up, shoots the soldiers, and takes off with the truck.

In Slovenia, a woman goes to a building where the man who stole the truck from soldiers shows her a missile. It seems this woman is a broker and is willing to find this guy a buyer for this missile.

In Budapest, Kellet sees Powell arguing with a man outside the headquarters over a parking spot. She goes on to voice her doubts to Forrester about Powell fitting in the fly team because of his temper. She also shows Forrester how close Powell has grown to Vo. But Forrester tells Kellet to partner with Powell, assess his performance, and then get back to him about whether or not Powell is a perfect addition to the team.

The team then gets a call from General Finley informing them about the nuclear missile, which turns out to be a very dangerous one. General Finley instructs them to find it before it lands in the wrong hands and does unthinkable damage. Forrester assigns each team member their role in the investigation, and Kellet takes Powell with him to talk to an informant, Gerszon Varga, about the possible whereabouts of the missile.

They arrive, and Kellet starts asking him if he knows anything about the missile. Powell then thinks Gerszon is playing them and goes off on him, which upsets Kellet. But, Gerszon tells them that the missile may be in Budapest and already has a buyer, Yusuf Sydin, a dangerous terrorist financer. He then warns Kellet to be careful because if Yusuf realizes the team is after them, he won’t stop until one of them is dead.

Later, Powell apologizes to Kellet for going off on Gerszon, and Kellet tells him the importance of controlling his temper. Raines then gets information that Yusuf was at a restaurant in Budapest, so Smitty and Raines go to check if he’s still there.

Unfortunately, they find Yusuf already gone. Raines then asks a woman sitting next to where Yusuf was sitting if he noticed anything about Yusuf. It turns out it’s the broker who’s selling the missile on behalf of the buyer, but Raines doesn’t know that yet. Raines convinces this broker, Olivia Thornton, to come with them to headquarters to answer some questions, and she agrees.

At the headquarters, Raines digs out some background information on Olivia and discovers she’s a travel blogger with no criminal record. He and Vo ask her questions about Yusuf, but she doesn’t give any valuable details, so they release her. As she’s leaving, she mentions visiting a place that is one of Forrester’s favourite destinations. Olivia says something about the place that makes Forrester suspicious. So, they check her for radiation residue from the missile and detect it on her hands.

Forrester and Vo question Olivia about the radiation residue on her arm and her connection with Yusuf. She denies knowing Yusuf and says the radiation was from an X-ray. Not long after, Raines informs the team that he has discovered that Olivia is a notorious illegal arms broker.

Raines and Forrester question Olivia and reveal they know she has a son in Budapest. Olivia asks them for full immunity, but they refuse and state the predicament she’s in now that they know who she really is.

Olivia finally cracks and tells everything she knows about Yusuf and the buyer, Kuzman. She also tells them that her men would be meeting with Yusuf shortly to initiate the 1st half of the payment for the missile. So, the team goes there, and Raines and Forrester pose as Olivia’s men.

The team gets to the meeting location, where Raines and Forrester meet with Yusuf’s men. Their goal is to get Yusuf to pay for the missile so they can arrest him. But Yusuf refuses to come out, and a shootout between Yusuf’s men and the team begins. They also realize there’s a sniper nearby shooting at them. Kellet guns down Yusuf’s car, while Forrester and Raines arrest him as Powell goes after the sniper. Unfortunately, Powell doesn’t catch the guy.

Forrester and Raines ask Yusuf to lure Kuzman so they can recover the missile, but he refuses. Later, the team sees Kuzman has sent a text to Olivia’s phone asking for half of the payment, or he won’t release the missile. So, Kellet and Forrester ask Olivia to stall Kuzman so he doesn’t back out of the deal. Olivia then tells Kellet and Forrester now that Yusuf knows she outed him, he’ll stop at nothing to kill her. Kuzman replies and says where they’re taking the missile.

The team heads to where Kuzman is with the missile while Vo remains at the headquarters, giving them directions to that location. Fortunately, they capture Kuzman and his men and the missile. Kellet goes to check the missile when one of Kuzman’s men tries to shoot her, but Powell shoots the man before he does. General Finley and his men then arrive and take the missile.

Do the Fly Team Members Survive the Explosion?

Later, General Finley tells the team that there isn’t enough evidence to lock up Yusuf unless Olivia testifies against him. Forrester then remembers what Olivia said about killing her now that she has cooperated with the FBI. So, they decide to transfer Olivia from the headquarters.

Raines and Tank, the fly team’s dog, go out to keep an eye out as the rest of the team prepares to transfer Olivia. Meanwhile, Kellet officially welcomes Powell to the team as he proved himself to her when he saved her earlier.

How does the season end?

Outside, Raines notices a van coming from the headquarters building. They check the CCTV and see Yusuf’s bodyguard delivering something inside another section of the building. Forrester orders the rest of the team and Olivia to start getting out. Meanwhile, Raines runs back to the headquarters, but before he can get inside, the building blows up.

It isn’t clear if they survived, as everyone except Raines and Tank were actually inside. It’s also not clear if Raines survived either, as the explosion happened when he was just outside the building.

The Episode Review

To say that this episode left viewers at the edge of their seats with suspense is an understatement. We’re now left with more questions than answers, particularly about the situation of the fly team. I can’t wait to see whether they survive in the next season. But all in all, this season delivered everything, from suspense to action and romance. I’m sure that it only gets better from here.

Well, that is officially a wrap for season 2 of FBI: International. What are your thought on this season and what was your favourite episode? We always look forward to hearing from you!

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