FBI: International – Season 2 Episode 6 “Call it Anarchy” Recap & Review

Call it Anarchy

Episode 6 of FBI: International starts with a man being beaten and tortured. The next scene cuts to Greece where a woman is driving frantically while trying to reach someone on the phone. She arrives at her destination but the gateman informs her that the person she is looking for can’t possibly be in that school program. He informs her that the school shut down three years ago. The lady, Paige calls Vo in a worried state and tells her that her nephew Cody is missing.

Elsewhere, Kellet and Smitty are briefing Forrester on the information they have collected so far on the gang harassing Zsólt’s dad. They believe that a man named Matteo Vasa is the leader and Forrester says he can handle the situation. Smitty warns him that Vasa is dangerous and he can’t go at him alone.

Vo walks in and briefs them on the missing case of her friend’s nephew and asks the team a favour finding him. Forrester asks Kellet to escort Vo to Greece as he stays back to deal with a personal matter.

Vo and Kellet arrive in Crate, Greece and Paige welcome them and she is eager to help them with the investigation. She takes them to his room and as they go through his computer they find something suspicious about the website of the school he was planning to attend. Paige also tells them about his girlfriend who works at the library but she claims they were not dating.

She tells them that Cody only came in to use the public computers in the library. They use his username and find out that he has been using an alias to chat with people protesting the arrest of the leader of a Greek left-wing anarchist group. Further investigations into his online activities make them believe that Cody is associated with the group and they are grooming him. Paige hopes they are wrong and wants to keep the matter under wraps to protect Cody but Vo doesn’t think they are wrong.

Paige gets a message from Cody and Raines traces the location of the phone. They drive to the destination and find blood and signs of torture. Vo asks Raines to ping Cody’s phone again and they find Cody but he is beaten up pretty badly. Vo and Kellet find it strange that they were not able to tail the car Cody’s kidnappers were using.

They take Cody to a military hospital and Vo and Kellet interview him to find out what happened to him. He tells them a friend, Griffin invited him to his grandparent’s farm and he found himself indoctrinated into the group. He tells them that the group is planning an attack but Kellet and Vo don’t believe a word he says.

Smitty flies to Greece to help them and introduces them to Lieutenant Dinos Markovic who is evacuating a festival they believe could be a target. Markovic believes that Cody is trying to throw them off the real target.

Meanwhile, back in Budapest Forrester pays Vasa a visit and tells his henchmen to leave Zsólt’s dad alone. He threatens them that if they don’t heed his warning he will launch a coordinated attack with other police bureaus all across Europe and ruin their business.

On the other hand, Vo finds herself in a tough spot as she has to give Paige an arrest warrant for Cody. They take Cody back to the station and interrogate him, hoping he will stop protecting the group and tell them the truth. Cody tries to lie again but folds when Vo says she will run a polygraph test on him. Cody confesses that the real target is the US military at the Greek Naval Base. They planned to use Cody to plant something to allow the group access to the base to launch a coordinated attack.

They hurriedly head over to the base and make plans to thwart the attack . Smitty is shot as they counterattack. The attackers continue to open fire and bomb one of the pressurized tanks. The team calls for backup from the fire department before the other tanks explode but they need to clear the scene first and arrest the perpetrators. Luckily, Smitty is not badly hurt and they successfully secure the scene.

Paige asks Vo to try and protect Cody but Vo refuses as he actively took part in executing the attack. Vo refuses to do more than what is necessary to help Cody as he has to face the consequences of his actions.

The episode ends with Zsólt telling Forrester that his father is no longer being threatened by the Balkan Mafia.

The Episode Review

Vo was in a tough spot in this episode, she still tried to get Cody help to be deradicalized but Paige saw it as a betrayal. It was unreasonable for her to ask Vo this favour when she knew that he took part in the attack.

It is too early to tell if Forrester made the right move threatening Vasa. It was a risky move and it is highly doubtful that the Balkan Mafia will back out so easily.

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  1. Why does the aunt, in season 2,episode 6, a navy soldier in captain uniform, not wear a cap? This is wrong.

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