FBI: International – Season 2 Episode 3 “Money Is Meaningless” Recap & Review

Money Is Meaningless

Episode 3 of FBI: International Season 2 starts with a protest happening in Mallorca, Spain. The group makes their way into a luxurious estate where they find a dead woman in one of the rooms.

Vo is heading out for a week of tactical training and won’t be joining the team. The team is asked to handle the case of the dead American woman (Emelia Sofer) She is the daughter-in-law of Ronen Sofer who was already on the FBI’s radar. He was sanctioned by the international community a year before for alleged corrupt business practices.

The protesters who are in a group called ETR are generally known to have non-violent tactics but they were at the crime scene so the local police arrested them. The team arrives in Mallorca and they are welcomed by Inspector Gutiérrez. So far the local police have established that only 3 of the protesters entered the room and are holding them for interrogation.

Kellet and Forrester get started on interviewing the three protesters who claim they found Emelia dead. Smitty and Raines head to the crime scene which is being processed and they find out that Emelia was dead before the protesters breached the estate. They think the murder weapon is a golf club but it is missing.

Further investigations into Emelia reveal that she was planning to leave her husband. Her family thinks that her husband’s family might have hurt her. Forrester thinks some things don’t add up, and Smitty traces the last hours of Emelia’s life. She finds a video of her meeting someone at her favorite café hours before her death.

They question the man she was meeting, he is a fellow ex-pat who works as an accountant. He tells Kellet and Forrester that she had asked him to do an independent financial investigation of the Sofer family. Emelie was “horrified “ by the family’s business practice. She wanted to leave the family and was scared of her father-in-law.

Forrester wants to interview Ronen but he is a rich man with connections so it will be hard to make it happen. Luckily, Forrester has a plan, they put pressure on his son (Emelia’s husband ) to get to Ronen. Their plans are disrupted by Inspector Gutiérrez who informs them that the local police have found the missing golf club in the estate garden. It is believed to be the murder weapon and they found Arturo’s (the protester who entered the room first) prints all over it. Inspector Gutiérrez also tells them one of the protesters has agreed to testify for a lesser plea and the case has been solved.

Forrester tries to talk to her but Inspector Gutiérrez says their help is no longer needed and asks them to be escorted off the island. Smitty tries to reason with Inspector Gutiérrez to let the team investigate further. She wants to know what is really going on and she pushes Inspector Gutiérrez until she agrees to let the team back on the case. She gives them 48 hours to solve the case.

Raines is able to find the motive for why Ronen might have wanted Emelia dead. In the meantime, Forrester is intercepted as he pursues a lead alone. Ronen’s men take him to meet their boss and he denies any involvement in Emelie’s murder.

Kellet is also following a lead on her own, and she realizes too late that she is with the murderer. Fortunately, she can hold her own and she arrests the suspect successfully.

The Episode Review

This was an interesting case with a nice twist and the team delivered as usual. Smitty is proving to be an asset to the team and by the looks of her phone call with Vo, they are getting closer.  We didn’t see much of an interaction on a personal level in this episode . I am curious if Kellet decided to get a new roommate.

I also want to know if Forrester will investigate the mom of the kid who watches his dog when he is away. There is something fishy going on in that household.

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