FBI International – Season 2 Episode 21 “Fed to the Sharks” Recap & Review

Fed to the Sharks

FBI: International Season 2 episode 21 begins at a resort in Cascais, Portugal. A tourist and her son discover a dead man at the beach. When the resort’s manager goes to inform the owner, they notice that she has blood on her dress.

In Budapest, Vo is on her way to the headquarters and is seemingly happy and glowing. It could be because of what happened between her and Powell in the last episode. She meets Powell before they get into the office. They briefly talk about what happened between them.

In the headquarters, Zoey has stopped by as she’s currently in Budapest teaching a class at the international law enforcement academy. Forrester briefs the team on the murder case in Portugal.

The guy found dead is Alfonso Mendez, an immigrant working at the resort. He was shot in the chest. The owner, who’s actually the resort owner’s daughter, Alexis Prescott, is being detained by the local police in Portugal because of the blood discovered on her dress.

As the team heads to Portugal, Raines notices something going on between Vo and Powell.

In Portugal, the team finds out Alexis is detained at the resort instead of the local police. It turns out Alexis’s dad, Miles Prescott, is a close friend of the ambassador, which explains Alexis’s leniency.

Forrester and Kellet get to the room where Alexis is “detained,” and she doesn’t seem interested in clearing her name. All she wants is her dad. Typical daddy’s little princess. Alexis claims she had a bachelorette party that lasted three days straight, explaining why she was passed out when the hotel manager came to her room earlier. She also claims that the blood on her dress is from one of her bridesmaids who accidentally cut her hand with a broken glass.

The lead investigator from Portugal handling this case tells Kellet and Forrester that everyone who attended the bachelorette party had already left, bringing this case back to square one. Meanwhile, Powell and Smitty question Alexis’s fiancée, Peter, about what happened. And, like Alexis, he isn’t interested in answering the questions. Instead, he begins blabbering about how the African immigrants working at the resort should be grateful they are working for “Americans.”

Elsewhere, Raines calls Vo to check up on her regarding him noticing a thing going on between her and Powell. He tells Vo to tell him if anything goes wrong between them. How nice of him!

The resort manager, Fatima, takes Raines to question Alfonso’s brother. He assures Raines that Alfonso was never in any trouble. Meanwhile, Kellet and Forrester are at the area where Alfonso’s body was found and realize he was shot somewhere else and dragged into the water.

Back at the resort, Raines is searching Alexis’s belongings for evidence when her phone rings. The police had brought Alfonso’s phone, found on his body, to Smitty and Raines.

They realized there was a particular phone number that Alfonso called several times the night he was shot. They called the phone, and it turns out it was Alexis’s. Raines finds it in her room and picks up the call. Powell goes through the texts on Alfonso’s phone between him and Alexis. It turns out they were sleeping together. They now realize that Alexis knew Alfonso more than she’s admitting. Alexis is taken to the police station, and she makes quite a scene.

At the police station, Zoey and Kellet question Alexis about her relationship with Alfonso. She first claims Alfonso was into her, but she wasn’t interested. She even reported him to the resort’s labour employee and relations executive director, Francis Crane.

But Zoey tells her they got the texts between her and Alfonso from his phone, and she admits they were sleeping together. But Zoey claims it was a one-time thing, but Alfonso wanted it to continue. She also claims that Alfonso came to her room the night he died, and his knuckles were bloody, explaining the blood on her dress.

Later, Powell pulls Vo aside and tells her she doesn’t have to worry about him behaving weirdly at work after what happened between them. And if she thinks what happened is just a one-time thing, then that’s okay, but he’ll remember it for a long time.

Smitty and Powell question Francis, who denies being involved with Alfonso’s murder despite calling him several times two days before he was shot. What’s more, he also has had many complaints from the resort’s employees against him. He also denies Alexis and Peter being involved with the murder as well.

They return to question Peter, who’s upset at Alexis for having an affair with Alfonso. He tries to leave, but Smitty and Powell inform him that he’s being detained for his potential involvement in Alfonso’s death.

Elsewhere at the resort, the local police question the staff, but no one seems to want to talk. Fatima tells Raines they can’t talk because they’re afraid they’ll lose their jobs and be sent back to Africa.

Raines and the local police then discover Alfonso was planning to send an email to major news outlets like CNN about the resort’s hazardous working conditions. If he had sent the email, Mike Prescott would have been forced to shut down all his resorts worldwide. So, now there’s a new motive behind Alfonso’s murder. Kellet questions Alexis about the email, but she claims she never knew about it.

Alexis’s legal team arrives and tells Forrester that Alexis will no longer speak to the authorities. They’re also informed that Miles Prescott has arrived and wants to speak to the FBI. Raines and Kellet go to Miles’s yacht to question him. And as expected, he defends his daughter. He also denies Alfonso’s claims about the resort’s hazardous working conditions and his knowledge of the complaints against Francis.

The team later discovers that the bullet that killed Alfonso came from a gun belonging to Francis. They head to his office and find the gun in his safe, but Francis denies using it to kill Alfonso.

Smitty and Powell question Francis, who tells him he paid off Alfonso after Alexis claimed he was harassing her. He also tells them he gave Alexis the gun for protection, and Miles knew about it. So, he’s being set up.

Smitty later tells the team Miles is flying Alexis out of Portugal. Raines then realizes that the surveillance camera footage from outside Francis’s office must have been tampered with. He goes to convince Fatima to him the truth about what happened. She finally shows him the real footage, showing someone coming out of the office. He may have been there to plant the gun in his safe.

Fatima then tells Raines she saw Alexis with Alfonso the morning he was found dead. She also mentions that she saw Alexis pull out a gun from her purse. With that information, the team goes and stops Miles from flying Alexis out of the country.

They arrest Alexis and tell Miles to decide whether to save his daughter or his hotel franchise. And he agrees to let Alexis be arrested for the murder. Alexis finally confesses to killing Alfonso because she knew about the email. Afterwards, Francis is released from police custody, and it seems Miles has paid him off in exchange for him not pressing charges for being set up.

The hotel then allows the team to spend the night there. The episode ends with Vo and Powell at an indoor pool discussing their future together.

The Episode Review

There are people like Alfonso who want nothing more than to give themselves and their families a good life and stand up for the truth. And then there are people like Alexis who think coming from a rich family means being above the law. Well, that’s the kind of world we live in.

It seems Powell and Vo are taking things between them to the next level. This being this season’s penultimate episode, we’ll have to wait and see how things will go between them in the next season.

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