FBI: International – Season 2 Episode 1 “Unburdened” Recap & Review


Episode 1 of FBI: International Season 2 starts with a man being stabbed in his throat on the streets of Paris. The scene then cuts to Forrester who is still having a hard time about the events surrounding his mom from last season. Vladislav is stalking him and wants to kill him as he blames Scott for the death of his brother but he is stopped by the Russian mob.

Jaeger is gone and Smitty has taken her place. I can’t wait to see what her approach will be when dealing with the bureaucracy of the agency. She and Forrester have worked together in the past and it looks like they get along. They are good friends so there is no awkwardness between them. The rest of the team is on board with Smitty and is looking forward to working together.

The team is off to Paris upon the request of DGSI to investigate the murder of an American cop (Brandon). They hit the ground running once they get to Paris, the murdered cop was investigating an American company, which he believed was a shell company for arms dealing. 

Forrester and Kellet go to see an informant that Brandon met before he was killed. On the way, Kellet inquires about the friendship between Forrester and Smitty, and from the way Forrester described Smitty, she seems like a good colleague and an even better agent. It looks like she will be a good fit for the team, what do you think?

The case proves to be more than just your casual run-of-the-mill illegal arms trading and murder. The people they are chasing are also into radioactive material for making dirty bombs and according to Raines, they have enough material to make a city unlivable for nearly half a century! That is some serious nuclear power that they can’t let be unleashed on the world.

After they secure the dirty bomb, Forrester and Raines talk. Forrester says he knows that Raines is set on the manager route in the bureau and offers him a great opportunity. He shows support for Raines’ career dreams by giving him a chance to enroll in the leadership course in Washington. He is willing to clear his full schedule during the fall to allow Raines to attend the management training program. This is something that Raines has always wanted but he turns it down. I had expected him to jump at the opportunity or at least mull over it for a few weeks. 

It seems that working with Forrester and Kellet has changed his drive and aspirations. He is no longer deeply invested in trying to climb up the ladders and finding the next strategic move that will help him do so. He now enjoys being a field agent and saving thousands of lives. He no longer wants to be behind the desk managing people. He appreciates Forrester’s support but won’t be taking the offer.

After the case, Smitty, Forrester, and Kellet decide to unwind by going out for a couple of beers. Smitty says she is all in for the action that comes with being with the team. She also points out the change in Forrester since she last saw him and Forrester says he got some clarity. Forrester talks about his mom and finding out she is a hero and not a criminal on the run. He also reveals that his mother reached out again.

The Episode Review

The case was not as high stakes as I expected given that this is the first episode of the season but it still delivered the action. Smitty is different from Jaeger and that is a good thing, I think she changes the dynamics of the show for the better. However, only time will tell how well she will fit in. 

Forrester finally having answers and finding some peace is a beautiful thing to see. All his life, he carried around the weight of his mother’s “sins” on his shoulder. I am glad that he is seeing and understanding her in a new light. He is no longer swallowed by the situation with his mom. It was a big weight to carry on his shoulders and he no longer yoked to it. It will be exciting to see a more “unburdened” Forrester this season. Cheers to that!

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