FBI International Season 2 Episode 17 “Jealous Mistress” Recap & Review

Jealous Mistress

Episode 17 of FBI: International Season 2 begins at Kaiserliche Theatre in Vienna, Austria. A ballerina practises with her partner for an upcoming performance. The day arrives, and the ballerina and her partner, who have the leading roles, perform with the rest of the group. The performance ends, and everyone applauds the leading ballerina except one other ballerina who doesn’t seem thrilled by the lead’s performance.

After the performance, the leading ballerina is in her changing room crying when the dance instructor comes in to congratulate her on her performance. He notices she’s crying and asks her what the matter is.

The leading ballerina tells the dance instructor how the other ballet dancers mistreat her because they believe she didn’t properly earn the leading role. But, the dance instructor encourages her to keep her head high and ignore the other dancers. The leading ballerina heads to her car to drive home when a man approaches her and throws what looks like acid on her face.

In Budapest, Forrester gets a call from the United States First Lady, a fan and major donor of Kaiserliche Theatre, asking the team to investigate the leading ballerina’s acid attack. Her name is Nicolette Clark.

In Vienna, Forrester and Vo arrive at the hospital where Nicolette is being treated. They find the dance instructor and Nicolette’s boyfriend, Alva Boxer, who also works for Kaiserliche Theatre, insisting on seeing Nicolette. But the doctor doesn’t allow them as Nicolette doesn’t want to see anyone.

Vo sneaks to Nicolette’s hospital room to ask her questions about the attacker. But Nicolette doesn’t seem interested in recounting the ordeal. She doesn’t think there’s any use in finding her attacker when they have already ruined her career.

Raines, Smitty, and Kellet arrive at Kaiserliche Theatre, where fans of Nicolette are outside protesting, demanding justice for Nicolette. Kellet and Smitty question Kira Sokolov, the other ballerina who didn’t seem happy for Nicolette earlier.

Kira immediately starts defending herself, which makes her even more suspicious. Kellet asks Kira why she hasn’t been to the hospital to see Nicolette. She tells them now that Nicolette won’t be playing the leading role; someone else has to step in. She suggests she would be the one to do so, which is why she’s practising and didn’t visit Nicolette.

Smitty tells Kira that a bunch of burnt roses was found in Nicolette’s room with a note calling her fat. She shows the note to Kira, who tells them it’s Nicolette’s dance partner, Konstantin Volkov’s handwriting.

Raines questions Konstantin, who admits to sending Nicolette those burnt roses and the note. He claims he called her fat to motivate her to keep fit for the performance. Unbelievable!

Later, Smitty meets a Russian diplomat, Piotr Efremov, whom she is familiar with. Piotr tells Smitty that one of his colleagues doesn’t want Kira to be involved in the case. He then tells Smitty that Vladislav Pavlovic, the Russian criminal whose brother was killed by Forrester, has been given a 6-month sentence for his crimes. He then tells Smitty that the Russian government will increase Vladislav’s sentence in exchange for the team not questioning Kira.

Later, Nicolette asks to see Vo. She finally is able to garner the courage to recount the ordeal and give the description of her attacker. Before Vo leaves, Nicolette shows her the part of her face that’s been burnt by the acid and pleads with Vo to find out who did that to her.

Smitty tells Forrester about Piotr’s about his proposal and Vladislav’s sentence. It turns out Vladislav was found in Budapest before the Russian government. He most likely was coming for Forrester to revenge his brother’s death. Smitty tries to persuade Forrester to agree to Piotr’s proposal so Vladislav can be locked up for good, but he refuses.

Smitty and Forrester return to Kaiserliche Theatre and discover that Kira has replaced Nicolette in the performance. It turns out Kaiserliche Theatre’s board of trustees voted for the performance to continue despite what happened to Nicolette. And Alva, who’s also one of the board members, insisted for the show to go on.

Raines and Vo go to question Alva, who insists he had nothing to do with Nicolette’s attack despite him being one of the board members who voted for the show to go on.

Vo returns to the hospital to see Nicolette and asks her about Alva. It turns out Nicolette broke up with him two weeks prior because she couldn’t handle his secrets any longer, and he wasn’t happy about it. He even threatened Nicolette.

The team discovers that Alva, who also holds a position in the Austrian parliament, is linked to several criminals in Austria. His predecessor was arrested for accepting bribes from a major Austrian criminal family. The team suggests that maybe the criminals associated with Alva’s predecessor may have also expected him to accept bribes, but he refused, which could have led to Nicolette’s attack.

Raines and Vo return to question Alva about him threatening Nicolette when they separated, but he insists the threats aren’t serious. They also question him about his parliamentary position and the bribes offered to him. Alva tells them he’s pretending to accept bribes like his predecessor, but he is partnering with the authorities to expose the criminals offering these bribes.

Smitty meets with Piotr again to discuss Vladislav’s sentence. Piotr now wants Europol to release a Russian criminal in their custody in exchange for an increase in Vladislav’s prison sentence.

The team later confirms Alva’s story of partnering with the authorities to expose the criminals offering bribes to him to be true. They also discover one man, Leon Oliver, had been sending threatening messages to Alva for not accepting a bribe and granting a construction contract like his predecessor did. Leon stopped sending threatening messages to Alva around the time when Nicolette was attacked.

The local police track Leon’s location, so the team joins them to find him. They reach his house, and Leon drives right past them, injuring a police officer and almost injuring Forrester. They search his home and find ingredients to make acid, confirming he is Nicolette’s attacker. They later track Leon to his brother’s house and finally arrest him.

On the day of the main performance, Smitty goes to meet with Piotr to tell him that Kira has been demoted from the show’s leading role. Smitty tells him that Kira would only be reinstated to the leading role if Vladislav gets 50 years in jail. Piotr has no choice but to agree. Now, it’s clear Kira is Piotr’s colleague’s mistress.

The episode ends with Vo and Nicolette at the hospital, watching a Livestream of the performance. The instructor then announces that Nicolette will be the theatre’s dance choreographer.

The Episode Review

It’s no surprise how the world of arts and entertainment, in general, is always twisted. From bullies to people who stop at nothing to fulfil their personal interests, that side of the world isn’t as charming as people think.

I’m especially scared for Forrester and the team in general because Vladislav is in the picture again. While his sentence has been increased, there’s no telling what exactly he is capable of.

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