FBI – Season 6 Episode 7 ”Behind The Veil” Recap & Review

Behind the Veil

Episode 7 of FBI Season 6 starts with Isobel on the phone with Jubal concerning Maggie since, after Jessica’s death, she became the legal guardian of the six-year-old. Jubal assures Isobel that he will talk with Omar and they will keep an eye on her. Isobel catches up to her neighbour Lucas and her father, and as they walk up the street, a police officer stops them, saying the street is closed and protestors are seen on the street.

Lucas’s father does not want to use the longer route because he fears they will miss his dentist appointment and be forced to reschedule and pay a fine. Therefore, Isobel uses her badge to get them through, and they separated soon after. Lucas lingers at a particular door and looks in when a bomb explodes. Fortunately, Lucas and his father survived the explosion, sustaining some minor injuries. 

Omar and Maggie are the first to arrive on the scene, and they talk to Isobel, who tells them that she saw a man leaving the restaurant hurriedly before the explosion and thinks he might be a person of interest. The counter-terrorism officer tells them that the bomb was a deliberate attack that left eleven people dead, including the congressional representative. The congresswoman was holding a fundraiser for Carol Jones, a controversial figure, hence the protestors outside. 

Omar and Maggie question a waitress who had stepped outside for a break moments before the explosion, and though she does not offer much about the events leading to the explosion, she remembers the man in the blue jacket. She says he is a health inspector who came in during preparations without prior notice, but the restaurant passed the inspection. The waitress remembers that the health inspector had a tattoo of some numbers on his hands. 

Jubal and Isobel get busy at the headquarters looking into the case and identifying the man in the blue jacket. Ian called the Department of Health and found out the place was not due for an inspection for another six months. Elise pulls out cameras outside the restaurant and identifies the man with the tattoo of 1920 on the back of his hand, and he becomes their first suspect in the bombing incident.

Kelly checks the prison database and finds a person who fits the description, Gary Smalls. Smalls is a member of the revolution front and an anarchist, and his tattoo is a reference to the bombing of Wall Street that happened in 1920. Elise finds Gary’s address and sends Tiffany, Scola, and the SWAT team to pick him up.  

The team does not find Gary at the house, but his roommate is a food inspector. He does not know Gary’s whereabouts but thinks he might have taken his car. They find the roommate’s car hidden in an underground parking. Omar and Maggie approach the car cautiously while Tiffany and Scola cover the exits. Omar and Maggie do not find anything suspicious in the car, but Tiffany and Scola find Gary in an alley, dead from a gunshot to the head.

Elise finds a video that Gary posted after the attack, taking responsibility for the bombing when someone he calls the brain of the movement arrives and shoots him. Jubal thinks the mastermind might be getting rid of loose ends, but they cannot recognize whomever they are; from the clip, Elise believes she might be a woman. Kelly receives the forensic reports from TDAC and sends Maggie and Omar to follow up on one of the suppliers.

The supplier finds some of their items missing from the storage, and another employee with access, Borelli, tries to escape when he realizes the FBI wants to talk to him. 

Borelli tells Jubal and Isobel that he found the buyer online and took the materials from the storage to make two bombs. They did not have a fuse since the buyer said he would add it later. Borelli then dropped the bomb at the back of a food bazaar’s parking lot. Elise checks the parking lot, but there are no cameras.

Kelly pulls out the chat between Borelli and the buyer using the code name RighteousOne. Ian finds the IP address active at a café, and Jubal sends Maggie and Omar to check it out. Omar and Maggie have a suspect, but after following the lady, she enters the Russian Consulate. 

The case becomes personal for Isobel when Jubal gets a report from the hospital that Lucas just died. Elise looks into the woman and discovers her name is Marina Kostova, a Russian citizen. Kelly does a deep dive and finds out that Marina is a suspected Russian Spy with a diplomatic cover and is believed to be responsible for the murder of a Kremlin critic in London. Isobel asks Yolanda to connect her to the state’s department, and they send a representative.

However, Patrick forbids them from making a move on Kostova, but Isobel does not intend to stand down. She sends the team to Kostava’s house to look around, and they find a burner phone hidden inside a false bottom in a drawer. The operation is almost jeopardized when Kostava arrives home with a friend, and Omar stalls them to give Tiffany and Scola enough time to download its contents. 

Ian cracks the encryption in the downloaded contents, and the most recent message sends someone an address to pick up something, so Jubal sends Maggie and Omar to investigate. Kostava rented a locker at the sent location, but someone had already picked up what was in the locker.

Omar notices a fingerprint on the lock that leads them to John Parker. Kelly finds out that Parker is a former schoolteacher who lost his job after chaining himself to a post at cop city, and Elise finds him active on the dark web as Gary Smalls. Elise traces John’s location and finds him inside a metro bus. Scola and Tiffany head out to get him, but John notices Tiffany’s FBI badge and runs for it. He has a gun, which slows down their chase, but he eventually runs out of bullets when cornered, and they get to him. 

John is unwilling to give them the location of the bomb, but after running his metro card, the FBI figures that the next target is a hard-right group called the God and Liberty Alliance. After questioning John and appealing to his teacher’s instincts because of Lucas’s death, John tells them the location of the bomb. Maggie and Omar head out to the God and Liberty Alliance meeting, but it is difficult to pick out the person with the detonator among the crowd, no matter how hard Ian, Kelly, and Elise work to scan the people inside. Therefore, Maggie decides to look at the bomb and see if they can do anything to diffuse it before it goes off.

She discovers the bomb’s frequency while Scola and Tiffany trace the signal. Omar and Maggie are the first to find the possible target, who is the same person they had seen with Kostava at her house. Noticing that the FBI is onto him, he tries to detonate the bomb, but Omar and Maggie are swift. They get to him before he manages to detonate and arrest him.

Isobel leads the team to arrest Kostava as soon as she steps out of the Russian Consulate amid her protests, saying that they cannot arrest her since she is a diplomat. At the end of the episode, Patrick arrives at the office when Isobel is packing up to leave and tells her that after arresting Kostava, the high-value asset they were negotiating an extraction with the Russians, was killed. He hands her his photo, telling her that she has to live with his death on her conscience as he heads out to break the news to his wife and kids. 

The Episode Review

It is understandable that Ella is nervous when Maggie is away. The child just lost her mom and Maggie is her temporary guardian. Ella fears something will happen to Maggie too. Maggie is also trying her best to help Ella come to terms with Jessica’s death but grief is hard to deal with.

On the other hand, we can’t begin to imagine how Isobel must be feeling after everything that went down with this case. She might have gotten the culprit but it came at a cost that will most likely haunt her for the rest of her life. If she had waited just a little bit, Patrick and his team might have had enough time to save the high-value asset. 

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