FBI – Season 5 Episode 9 “Fortunate Son” Recap & Review

Fortunate Son

Episode 9 of FBI season 5 starts with a father hurrying his son to get in the car. They immediately start being pursued by masked men in a black car, shooting at them. The father gets hit with a bullet but he still does his best and drives to a hospital. He asks the son to go somewhere safe and take a mysterious duffel bag with him.

Meanwhile at the FBI offices, Nina tells Schola that she is working on a case in L.A. She tells him that she would like to talk about good stuff later and would like to meet him later. After, their conversation, Schola meets with Tiffany on the way into the office. As they greet each other, the boy, Trevor Logan with the mysterious duffel bag enters the building. The security officers immediately draw their guns out and ask him to drop the bag.

Schola checks the bag and is surprised to find fentanyl. They bring in Trevor to interrogate how he came by the drugs. Trevor explains that his father was the one who gave him the bag and he thought it would be best if he went to the FBI for help. The team checks out his story and tries to find the identity of the shooters. They ask Trevor to wear a wire and talk to his dad to get information on the drugs.

Later, Nina and Schola meet up and she tells Schola that she has decided to keep the baby. However, she wants to do it alone and move to L.A. She asks Schola to sign some paperwork that would allow her to have all the control when it comes to the child. Schola gets concerned that she is asking him to sign away his parental rights. Nina tries to assure him that she simply wants what is best for the kid and asks him to read the paperwork first.

Back to the case, Trevor visits his dad in the hospital and subtly tries to get information from him as Tiffany and Schola listen in. The attempt is unsuccessful as Trevor’s dad, Vince is paranoid and refuses to talk more about the drugs or the shooting. He asks Trevor to keep the bag safe until he is discharged from the hospital. Tiffany asks Trevor to try and get his dad’s phone but the phone is not in his hospital room. Trevor believes the phone is probably in their house as they left quite in a hurry that morning.

Schola and Tiffany head to the house to check for the phone but notice someone is in the house. The man flees and Schola and Tiffany are unable to arrest him. Luckily, the man had not taken the phone and the FBI go through his messages. They learn that Vince was running drugs and decided to keep the product instead of delivering it. Unfortunately, they spoke through codes so they are unable to get the identity of Vince’s boss.

They ask Trevor to wear a wire and talk to his dad again. Vince slips up and mentions someone called Nico. The FBI run the name Nico through their database and try to find one who has a connection to Vince. They find Nico who is considered a big drug king in the North Eastern quarter of America. They investigate him and decide to approach him through a risky plan.

Schola goes undercover as a drug dealer and tries to resell the fentanyl to Nico. Nico says he will only go through with the sale if he meets with Trevor and Schola later that day. He asks them to meet him at his restaurant at 5 pm. Schola agrees and shows up with Trevor as planned but unfortunately, someone shot Nico and his men.

The footage of the shooting leads them to believe that Vince is their suspect and this is confirmed when they learn he left the hospital. They change their focus to find Vince and stop him.

As they work the case, Tiffany begins to be concerned by how attached Schola is getting to Trevor. She asks him the reasons behind his investments in Trevor and he argues that Trevor is just a good kid trying to save his dad.

They find Vince and ask him to give himself up but he refuses, Trevor begs him to surrender but Vince opts to open fire at the police and they take him out. Trevor blames himself for going to the police but Schola comforts him and tells him it was the right decision.

After the case, Schola meets up with Nina and tells her he won’t be signing the papers. He tells her that he is willing to give her enough space and flexibility but he wants to be there for his child. Nina says that it is okay and informs him that they are having a son. She asks him to go for dinner and discuss baby names.

The Episode Review

It seems a bit selfish for Nina to only consider what she wants and to ask Schola to be less involved in the child’s life. I understand that their relationship is not clear but it was a big ask.

Her request – and the case – rattled Schola and that is why he was invested in Trevor’s situation. He wants to be there for his son and have a relationship with him. He is afraid of what might happen if he is not there. He can resonate with Trevor’s desire to save his father because he wants to save his place as a father in his unborn child’s life.

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