FBI – Season 5 Episode 6 “Double Bind” Recap & Review

Double Bind

Episode 6 of FBI season 5 starts with a kidnapping of a 5 year old boy from his bedroom and the murder of his nanny. Nina and Schola are partnering up for this one and Schola is worried as OA had informed him that Nina was feeling under the weather.

The team starts their investigation and they collect three fingerprints from the entrance. The third fingerprint belongs to the nanny’s ex-boyfriend, Thomas. He and Carmen had a fallout and the FBI believe he might have something to do with the kidnapping.

They head over to his house to arrest him but they only find a gun and drugs in his residence, there is no sign of Luke (the young boy who is missing.) Thomas denies knowing anything about the kidnapping and is broken to hear about the death of Carmen. He tells the FBI that they were just hanging out after making up  but as he was leaving he noticed a black sedan outside the house.

The FBI pulls the surveillance cameras in the neighborhood and spots the black sedan. They use traffic cameras to identify the driver of the car. The man turns out to be a wanted fugitive on Interpol’s radar by the name Petrov. He runs a terrorist group responsible for some high-profile bombings.

The FBI is surprised by the fact that Luke was kidnapped by a terrorist group and questions his mother. They show her pictures of Petrov but she denies knowing or having any contact with the man. Schola doesn’t believe the mom and he tells Nina that she is lying. Nina scolds him for interrogating the mother in such a stern manner.

As they leave the house, Tiffany alerts them that they have spotted the suspect’s car and they are in pursuit. The suspect abandons his car, opens fire on civilians and steals a motorbike. Nina and Schola intercept him and are forced to kill him once he shoots at them. Unfortunately, the man they killed is not Petrov but a member of his gang. They check his abandoned car and the lab finds hair from Luke on the backseat of the car.

They continue to investigate the suspect and find two burner phone numbers. They call the numbers but only one goes through. They are surprised when Luke’s mother picks up the phone and demands proof of life. They call the team at her house and they discover that she escaped through the window.

Jubal puts out a BOLO on her immediately and gets a search warrant for her house. Nina and Schola go through her house as they try to figure out why the woman lied. Nina is still not feeling well and Schola gets more worried about her. As they search the house, they discover a safe hidden behind her chimney. They find six passports from different countries all belonging to the mom but with different names. Jubal questions how she was able to get real passports from all these countries.

As they investigate further, they realize she is CIA and has been working with the agency for more than a decade. This information pivots the case in a new direction and Isobel calls in her supervisor. Based on their investigation, the FBI believe she is about to hand over her asset to the terrorist group in return for her son. Luckily, they are wrong as the mother, Liza, is hoping that she can keep the asset and her son safe through the help of the FBI.

Nina volunteers to go undercover as the asset and be delivered to the terrorist group. Schola is against this idea but they have no other choices. Their stint goes wrong when Liza refuses to wait for backup forcing Nina to go with her to confront Petrov and his men. Schola arrives just in time to save Nina from Petrov and rescue Luke.

After closing the case, Nina says goodbye to the team. Schola asks her why she is leaving and she says she needs time to figure things out.

The Episode Review

Nina’s pregnancy came out of the blue and it is disappointing that this is how they handled her departure from the team. Nina obviously had to say goodbye as Maggie is coming back but they could have handled her departure better.

Her relationship with Schola has not been well-received by the fans and the pregnancy does not help their case. Only time will tell how this shot-gun pregnancy will affect their relationship. If we can see more of their personal relationship, who knows, maybe we will be swayed!

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