FBI – Season 5 Episode 1 ” Hero’s Journey” Recap & Review

    Hero’s Journey

The opening scene of episode 1 for FBI Season 5 is intense, as OA is undercover trying to buy a bomb from a broker named Curt.  As always OA is on top of his game and he manages to strike a deal with Curt. The deal is going smoothly until they get to Curt’s lair and find his bomb-making partner murdered in cold blood and the bomb that can supposedly “blow up an entire city block” is missing.

On the home front, Jubal is dealing with a parenting crisis. His son Taylor is having a birthday party later but only 3 kids have RSVP’d. His ex is worried that this will further affect Taylor’s self-esteem. Taylor has had a rough year, recovering from Leukemia, and is having a hard time making friends. Jubal is dismissive of her worries, he thinks it is a high-school phase and says Taylor is tough. 

The case takes a new turn and the team has to find the bomb before it is deployed. Curt gives them a lead about another potential buyer named Nate. They run a trace on Nate and find his driving license number which allows them to find his address. They get to the address and Nate is in the wind and his roommate Tony bleeding to death on the floor.

A quick snoop around the house gives them a clue about the possible targets. Nathan is not so fond of conservative right-wings and thinks they are ruining the country. Tony was a caterer and he had an upcoming catering job that would be a “perfect target and would generate headlines.” 

Tiffany and Schola head to the catering company to find out more about the catering job. Tony was supposed to be working at a conference sponsored by the Federalist Society. The conference is looking like the perfect target Nathan wanted. They however need to tread carefully as this involves the Federal Society. If it turns out to be a false alarm they might get on some powerful people’s bad side.

They get a hit on the traffic cams and they track the car but Nate is already on the move in a different car. All odds prove that Nathan is heading for the Federalist Society conference. They need to evacuate the building but Nathan is still nowhere to be seen and they have no eyes on the bomb as well.

They check the cams and see that he entered the building 15 minutes before they arrived and headed to the basement. He left the bomb in the basement and managed to get out of the building. OA and Tiffany head to the basement and find the bomb. Bomb experts immediately start the process of disarming the bomb. However there is a problem, the bomb maker anticipated that they will try to disarm the bomb and he added another ignition component. The bomb expert can’t disarm the second ignition before it goes off.

The evacuation is not complete and there are at least 300 people still in the building. The timer is ticking and they won’t be able to clear the building on time. Isobel orders them to evacuate the building immediately. OA has another idea and decides to move the bomb and drive the bomb to a place with less damage potential. 

He drives off in his SUV with the bomb in his car, with just 16 seconds before the bomb goes off he jumps out of the moving car and runs. Does he think he is Usain Bolt?! He is seriously tempting fate and cutting it way too close. Either way, he saves the day but that was a dangerous call on his part. With the bomb situation dealt with, all that is left is to find Nate. Schola spots him but Nate makes a run for it while opening fire. He takes a kid hostage in a car and drives off. 

Jubal is sent to North Port to oversee the situation. He arrives to find that Nathan has slipped through their fingers again. He takes the lead for the hunt of Nate and they manage to trace him and make a successful arrest.

After the case is over, Jubal rushes home but he misses his son’s birthday party. 

The Episode Review

OA seems to be taking a lot of risks lately and I am not sure how that will pan out for him in the long run. Maggie’s presence was missed in this episode, so hopefully she will be back soon. The team did save the day and that is on account of their great teamwork.  

It is sad that Jubal still can’t find a balance between work and family. This is something he has been battling with since the beginning of the show. I think work has taken too much from him but he is yet to realize just how much.

This episode certainly started the season with a bang and I am looking forward to what will happen next!

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