FBI – Season 5 Episode 11 “Heroes” Recap & Review


Episode 11 of FBI season 5 starts with Kelly calling Jubal to let him know he is running late after an incident with a man who threw his coffee at him. As he hangs up, he hears screams as he passes a bank. He goes into the bank and finds a  bank heist in progress. One of the robbers points a gun at him and orders him to sit down with the other hostages.

The male robber orders one of the cashiers to lock the bank. He also orders the bank manager to figure out a way to give them access to a safe deposit box. The bank manager insists all access to any safe deposit bank is computerized.

Jubal gets a text from Kelly informing him that he is being held hostage in the bank. Isobel quickly orders the tech team to pull up the bank’s security camera footage. They try to run the robbers’ images on their facial recognition system but they get no hits.

At the bank, the robbers collect everyone’s phones but Kelly manages to hide his phone. The bank manager insists that he can’t access the box without the customer’s ocular biometrics. The police arrive on the scene and set up a containment with Schola leading the hostage negotiations.  Kelly secretly sends a message to the team informing them of the particular safe box the robbers are hoping to access.

They find the box owner to be a man named Rafael Salazar and he opened it three years ago. Meanwhile, OA and Maggie check for surveillance footage at the time the bank opened. They spot the robbers making their way to the bank. They get a hit on the car the robbers used and it belongs to Rafael. They also run the picture OA sent over of the robbers without a mask and get a hit. The man, Marko is the son of Rafael while the female robber, Jennifer is Rafael’s daughter-in-law.

Isobel sends Maggie and OA to Rafael’s house while Schola tries to get a phone to the robbers. Marko uses one of the hostages to grab the phone making it impossible for snipers to take him out. Schola calls and starts negotiation with Marko. Marko asks for an expert locksmith who can break into a computerized state-of-the-art safe deposit box. Schola asks him to remain calm when they find a locksmith.

At Rafael’s home, Maggie and OA find him dead, it looks like he was tortured to death. OA also find a family picture and wonders where the kid in the picture is at. OA fears something might have happened to the kid. They also find a motion-activated camera in the house.

At the bank, Schola is running out of time and Marko is getting antsy waiting for a locksmith. He threatens to shoot Kelly if they dont get him an expert locksmith in the next 15 minutes. Jubal decides to go in as a locksmith. His plan going in is to draw Marko towards the window and the snipers will take him out while Jubal overpowers Jennifer and saves the day. But you know, even the best-laid plan goes awry.

Marko directs Jubal to the safe deposit box and he tries to stall as Ian walks him through the process. (Jubal has an earpiece on.)  Marko and Jennifer insist on knowing how long it will take to access the box. Jubal tells them probably 20 minutes and they warn him not to take a second longer.

Isobel tries to find out why the robbers need that specific safe deposit box. Rafael, over the past few months, has opened numerous shell accounts with over a billion dollars worth. Most of the money originated from Columbia. Isobel speculates that Rafael might be “washing” money.  His recent transaction is a transfer from one of his off-shore accounts worth 200 million dollars. He converted the money to cryptocurrency and hid the access code in the safe deposit box.

In the meantime at the bank, Jubal tries to stall as long as he can to allow Ian to get the right instruction from the bank’s IT experts. After a while, Ian directs Jubal but he makes a slight mistake. Marko loses his patience and starts hitting the safe deposit box with a crowbar and activates the emergency security system. Jennifer informs Jubal that the life of their daughter depends on them getting inside that safe deposit box.

On the other hand, Elise accesses the footage from the motion camera in Rafael’s house. They learn that Marko and Jennifer didn’t kill him. They also learn the two men who killed Rafael abducted Marko and Jennifer’s daughter as leverage. With the emergency security system activated at the bank, the only option left is to get Jennifer and Marko’s daughter safely from the kidnappers and get them to stand down. They track the car the kidnappers were using and they locate the car. OA and Maggie rush to that location to rescue the girl.

In the bank, Jubal’s cover is blown and the robbers reach their last straw. Isobel asks Schola to prepare to make entry. Jubal tries to calm them down by admitting he is an FBI agent and they are close to finding their daughter. Marko doesn’t believe him and Jennifer breaks down and starts crying. Marko places his gun down to comfort her and the bank manager tries to take it but Jennifer shoots him.

OA and Maggie arrive at the location and get into a shoot-out with the kidnappers. They overpower the kidnappers and find the girl heavily sedated in the car. Schola informs Marko that they found his daughter but he wants to speak to her. However, the child can’t be awoken and paramedics advise against giving her adrenaline to wake up. Marko and Jennifer continue to spiral and Kelly reveals himself as an agent. He gives them his phone to talk to their daughter, and distracts them as the police breach the bank and save the hostages.

The Episode Review

It was a nice change of pace to focus on Kelly in this episode. He did well and saved the day. It would be nice to see or learn more about the other agents though who don’t work in the field.

I am also curious about when we will see Nina again. Last we saw her, she and Schola were discussing the future of their unborn child and she was leaving for L.A.

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