Fatma – Season 1 Ending Explained


How does Fatma season 1 end?

Fatma is brought in for questioning by the police. This coincides with the opening scenes of the first episode. Fatma is told that Bayram is in custody, and is shown numerous pictures of the victims she’s killed. Fatma suddenly heaves and heads out into the main hallway.

She starts to lose control, rushing away from Mine and seeing the ghosts of all those people she’s killed across the season. She heads up to the roof, seeing images of Oguz standing before her. Mine eventually catches up.

Mine looks at her sister with teary eyes and tells Fatma what happened in the barn wasn’t her fault. They were kids at the time. As Fatma pushes her sister away, the truth surrounding Oguz is shown.

Fatma shoved Oguz away from her and that’s what caused him to be hit by a car. Unable to deal with the grief anymore, Fatma throws herself off the roof. The next scene, we cut to her lying on her back after falling onto a car, opening her eyes and moving her hand.

What happened in the barn during Fatma’s childhood?

We’re not explicitly shown what happened (thank goodness) but through flashbacks it’s easy to piece together what occurred. Fatma and Mine were victims of physical, emotional and sexual abuse as children. Mine then left, presumably with Fatma alone to take the full brunt of abuse.

Fatma’s conversation with Ekber’s mistress in episode 3 is particularly telling. The words she used, combined with the flashes to the past, helped to show how badly she has been affected by this.

Is Fatma still alive?

She is indeed, and she’s badly hurt from the looks of it too. The car’s windshield is smashed in where her head has presumably hit the glass. A thin sliver of red can be seen next to her during the aerial shot, and this backs up the idea of head trauma.

Fatma’s grief was just too much in the end and she tried to end things. It obviously hasn’t worked though, and instead has led to her experiencing even more pain.

What could happen in season 2?

If Fatma is renewed, there are still some loose ends to tie up. This includes Bayram’s possible revenge against Mine and the Author’s unresolved book signing. Zafer is still unaccounted for too, and in truth he hasn’t had a lot to do this season.

However, Fatma does work quite well as a stand-alone cautionary tale about trauma and grief. In the end, Fatma found herself consumed by her own emotions, heading off on this rampage without anyone to turn to for guidance.

The constant interruptions every time she tried to speak up only reinforce this idea. The chess match with the Author is another telling moment, with that dominating sense of her male counterpart telling her what to do. The frustration she exhibits after is a mini-version of what we’ve seen across the whole season.

In the end though, Fatma’s crimes go unpunished so if this is renewed, we could see Fatma face the full wrath of the law.

Thanks for reading our Ending Explained article! What did you think of Fatma’s ending? Did you enjoy this Turkish show? Do you think there be a follow-up season? Let us know in the comments below!

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2 thoughts on “Fatma – Season 1 Ending Explained”

  1. Hey Topaz, so my understanding is that Zafer married Fatma with no ulterior motive. However, the push thing is a little contentious and open to interpretation. I may be wrong (and please correct me if I’ve interpreted this wrongly guys!) but my understanding is that the push was supposed to hurt her sister and delay her being a bride. It was a symbolic act of love through pain.

    Thanks for reading this post and commenting though, really appreciate it!

    -Greg W

  2. I dont understand why Zafer married Fatma. Also why did Fatma push her sister off the stairs was it because she was jealous

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