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Episode 5 of Fatma begins with Fatma sitting in the back of a police car, distraught. She’s back at the gas station and presumably on her way to the station. With the officer inside, Fatma overhears the police scanner discuss Yusuf’s abandoned truck and she bolts.

Fatma eventually heads home and sleeps. In the morning, Kadriye shows up with an envelope for the girl. Fatma refuses to open it though, instead telling Kadriye that she’s back to pick up some cash and head off on a trip to her home village to find Zafer. However, Kadriye wants to go with her. Begrudgingly Fatma agrees, and the pair head up to the bus station.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Emrah learns that Fatma hasn’t shown up for work at the mall. As he phones HQ, he asks them to run a search on the girl. He’s not the only one looking for her though, as Mime shows up at the mall too. A worker called Aysel confirms that a man died and gives her the address for the Author’s. She believes Fatma may well be there.

In the parking lot though, Bayram shows up and hands over his card. He wants Mine to contact Fatma and hand over what belongs to him. After smashing up her lights to show he means business, he leaves the scene after making quite the impact. Not long after, Mine confronts Bayram at the park. She admits her real name is Emine and she plays Bayram at his own game, obtaining his fingerprints and calling 911.

At the police station, the Lieutenant speaks to Mine, showing her the blurry cctv footage from the mall. He asks whether Mine has seen the person in the shots but it’s difficult to make out what’s happening and she says no.

Meanwhile, Kadriye admits more truths on the bus. Ismail gave Zafer some money. At the hospital, Ismail phoned Kadriye and told her that the settlement money for Oguz’s death would be enough to bring Zafer out of hiding. Kadriye was aware of this the whole time but kept quiet.

The bus comes to a grinding halt though when police arrive to do a search. With Kadriye asleep, the officers mistake her for Fatma and take the woman away while she’s still asleep. Honestly, how incompetent are these officers?

The real Fatma walks away from the bus and hitches a ride with a truck driver instead. She’s heading back to Dodurga, her hometown, and the driver agrees to take her as far as the union building. Just to cover her back, she introduces herself as Mine.

As they stop at a truck stop, Fatma makes a call but the contents of this are obscured until the end of the episode.

Anyway, Fatma eventually makes it back to her hometown and checks around for clues. She bumps into her old friend Havva, who’s very pregnant. Anyway, she casually remarks that Zafer is in town. This sends Fatma off on the warpath as she eventually finds him in the market.

With an envelope in hand, Fatma confronts her husband and tells him he’s the real murderer here. Given he ran away with the blood money, he’s the one responsible for all of this. Given Fatma is the one who’s actually committed several bouts of murder, I don’t think that quite adds up.

Anyway, Fatma claims she asked everyone she knew to try and find him but always came up short. Anyway, she admits that she’s not afraid anymore and tells Zafer about all the men she’s killed along the way.

It turns out the gun she has actually belongs to Zafer. The phone call she made at the truck stop was to the authorities, telling them that she knows where Zafer is located. She frames him as the murderer, as officers show up and arrest the man.

Fatma heads back to the truck-stop and sits patiently, waiting for Serdar. When he arrives, she asks when he’s heading back to Istanbul as there’s something else she needs to do.

The Episode Review

Episode 5 of Fatma finally sees the wobbly ground capsize as the series falls into the realm of ridiculousness. I know you need to suspend your disbelief a little with shows like this but the number of plot contrivances are difficult to ignore now.

With Zafer alive and well (in their hometown no less) why didn’t Fatma just go back and look for him? Surely that would be the logical thing to do, wouldn’t it? Clearly a lot of these people have seen him, and random residents are just mentioning how he’s out and about in the open. Surely one or two of these people would know he was in prison and phone the authorities?

Meanwhile, the contrived manner of Fatma framing Zafer for the murders she committed holds no weight. After all, Fatma left the bloodied wooden broom in the cupboard and her DNA would be all over that. Zafer wasn’t seen on CCTV cameras in the area and he would have had an alibi if he’s at the village full of people. Hopefully this is addressed in the finale.

If you’ve made it this far, you’ll undoubtedly be seeing this one through to the end but there’s an awful lot of issues with this show’s story which are hard to ignore. Sure it’s enjoyable and Burcu Biricik’s acting is great, but the plot completely collapses when you apply any sort of logic to it.

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