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Mothers and Sons

Fatma episode 4 begins with Fatma just casually sleeping in the storage closet after murdering Ekber. When the lights all flicker on, signifying a new work day starting, Fatma finds herself in a difficult position. She leaves everything behind – including the bloodied wooden stake – and continues on her day like normal.

Yusuf drives away from the mall after seeing police rush down to the basement. He rings Bayram, telling him Ekber is dead. It turns out Fatma is actually hiding out in the back of his truck though.

When he pulls over at a gas station, she hurries away from the man. Inside, Fatma gulps down a bottle of water before realizing she doesn’t actually have any money. The cashier lets her off without paying, but Yusuf storms up to Fatma and confronts her.

He wants to know where the gun is but she refuses to answer. Eventually police show up and take him aside for questioning. Fatma sticks up for him though and tells the police officers that she’s okay. She’s not (obviously) but she succumbs to Yusuf’s wishes nonetheless.

During a flashback, Fatma finds herself in a difficult position when Oguz is kicked out of school. He’s disruptive and doesn’t respond well, prompting the faculty to tell her she needs to take him somewhere else.

All those items we’ve seen stacked up are actually Oguz’s doing; a lovely detail that finally puts the state of Fatma’s house into perspective.

Out in the street, a call from Zafer – a silent call no less – is what sparks Oguz to get hit by a car. She was distracted at the time and took her eye off her son momentarily. This is what drove him to be hit by a car. A car driven by a man named Berkan. Fatma blames herself though, not the driver.

Back in the present, Yusuf admits that he was the one responsible for hurting Sevket. It turns out Zafer went to jail to protect Yusuf. Fatma taking Sevket down has completely backfired on them all and that’s why everything has gone awry. Ekber had to die in order to try and straighten out the mess this has caused.

Fatma manages to slip away upon hearing this, racing out into the woods. Yusuf follows though, firing at her and chasing after the girl. Another gunshot sends Fatma sprawling on her back.

Fatma eventually awakens and answers a call from her sister. She tells Mine that she’s in trouble but her little sister is growing impatient. In fact, she outright admits that Haluk vouched for Zafer in order for him to get a loan.

Shocked, Fatma hangs up as Yusuf demands to know where the gun is. She refuses to tell him, instead admitting she wants to use it to make Zafer pay for his betrayal.

Now we get some shocking truths. Apparently, Zafer is actually still alive and back at his hometown. He knew where he was all this time. As Yusuf turns around, Fatma brandishes her gun and shoots her captor in the stomach. Instead of finishing the job, she walks away.

The Episode Review

With Fatma now learning the truth about Zafer’s whereabouts, the series starts to tighten the screw and deliver a much more thrilling ride. There’s an air of urgency about this now and Fatma is clearly desperate to find her husband.

The flashbacks this episode definitely help to flesh out more of the past, with the heartbreaking way Oguz’s life ended helping to give Fatma more of a grief-stricken edge. It’s clear she’s suffering from some serious trauma.

The incident at the mall is more than a little disconcerting though, especially given Fatma left the bloodied broom handle behind. She also would have been picked up on CCTV too.

We’ve already established there’s a camera in the parking lot so that would have shown her going into Ekber’s hideout and not leaving until the morning.

Either way, the show is definitely taking a lot of liberties with the police investigation and you do need to suspend a lot of disbelief with this thriller at times.

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