Fatma – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

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Look At Me

Episode 3 of Fatma begins with a brief prologue once again, as Fatma holds a man captive while she holds a sharp wooden stake up above her head. “Look at my face!” She screams.

We then jump back a day earlier. Fatma receives a call from Sidar, confirming he knows everything and wants to talk about her son. He confirms he works for Argah and reiterates that her son Oguz’s case is still open. She has to give a statement but right now, she wants nothing to do with this.

Sidar reminds her though that if she doesn’t speak up, this is going to be chalked up to an accident – one that Oguz is responsible for. Apparently Zafer accepted the settlement to close their son’s case too, complete with a signature and date. This would mean he’d receive the funds for his death.

There’s clearly a lot Fatma doesn’t know about her husband. Sidar urges her to appeal but as police begin to swarm the area, Fatma convinces Sidar to give her a lift and leave.

Well, Ekber arrives at the mall just as she looks set to leave. Anyway, Fatma speaks to Sidar in the car and confirms that Zafer wasn’t exactly a loving husband and Father. A police search at the main entrance sends Fatma hurrying away from the car.

Fatma is torn up and heads back to see the Author instead. She regrets her actions in the past and admits that she’s haunted by the memories of what’s happened. Specifically how she killed Sevket.

The Author believes she’s talking about Oguz though and reassures the girl, telling her that her son’s death is not her fault. She tells Fatma she needs to relax and then they can figure out what’s next for her.

Well, Fatma already knows what to do next and snatches up the gun she’s stashed away at the Author’s house.

It’s at this point we receive a flashback of the time Zafer went missing. It’s a week after he left prison and Oguz is still alive. He sits on the chair, rocking, while Fatma receives bad news from the officer. In order to file a missing persons report she needs to get valid ID – which she doesn’t have.

Back in the present, Fatma heads back over to Serra’s house to clean. As she and Serra talk, the girl mentions the train station incident and seems to know she was responsible. Well, if this little girl has figured it out then surely it’s only a matter of time before the police do.

Anyway, Fatma eventually visits Mine and tries to get her to open up. It’s clear they’re both suffering from some childhood trauma. After their conversation, Fatma runs into Bayram again.

He tells her she needs to finish off Ekber and if she doesn’t, this could end very badly for her. If Fatma can do this, she can then move on with her life. Fatma refuses though and tries to get away from Yusuf. It’s no good, and several gunshots are enough to see Fatma succumb to his wishes.

Fatma arrives before Ekber and hands over the white powder. After he snorts several lines, Fatma tries to take the bag back but she’s confronted by Ekber’s mistress.

Fatma notices bruises across her back and broken teeth too, immediately seething with anger. This obviously coincides with the past, where Fatma and her sister were abused. Ekber begins to get physical with the girl, prompting Fatma to gain revenge.

With the powder doing its work, Fatma brings Ekber into a storage cupboard where she stabs him several times with a snapped end of a broom.

The Episode Review

Fatma has to be the worst assassin in the history of assassins. Not only is she clumsy and reckless (the train station camera footage still hasn’t been a factor here yet), she also kills Ekber in the most obvious and clumsy way possible.

Now, Fatma is of course suffering from trauma in her past which explains why she’s been lashing out. Seeing this man having his way with the mistress is enough to cause her to snap, but it’s also opened up a whole world of problems for her now.

Presumably there would be cameras all over the parking lot and inside Ekber’s office too. Fatma doesn’t bother to check this though and she even kills Ekber loudly and with no gloves on while holding that makeshift stake.

So far Fatma has been mediocre at best, with lots of plot contrivances masking what’s otherwise an enjoyable revenge thriller. It’s certainly not going to win any awards, but there’s just enough here to keep watching to find out what happens next.

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