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Fatma episode 2 begins with our protagonist attending a funeral. She looks up at the coffin, before we jump back a day.

News breaks of the incident at the train station, with Fatma clearly rattled by what she’s seen. She doesn’t even try to disguise her guilt, as little Serra looks at her with a knowing glance. Fatma eventually leaves to head home.

On the way, she bumps into her eccentric sister, Mine. The pair eventually sit together in the park for a drink. She tells Fatma she should have rang her in the past, especially given the connections she has to Haluk.

Eventually Fatma opens up and tries to tell her about Sevket and his death. Instead, Mine interrupts her and tells the girl she needs to think about herself. After dropping off some money, Fatma hurries away.

Once again Fatma receives a strange call with the sound of an alarm wailing in the background. Fatma hurries home where Bayram and his associate Yusuf happen to be waiting at her house.

Given Fatma killed his associate and partner, Bayram is not happy. Fatma clearly has a taste for blood though, and he forces Fatma to work with him. First up is a target called Ekber.

With some fatal white powder, Bayram convinces her to do her cleaning like normal but leave the bag on his desk. Without much of a choice, she agrees to the job.

Kadriye shows up later on and reveals that they’re selling the house. She eventually suggests Fatma head back to her hometown. Speaking to Ismail gets nowhere either, although Bayram continues to keep tabs on Fatma.

He wants his gun back and believes Ismail may actually be involved. What he doesn’t know is that Fatma still has the gun on her possession.

At the construction company, a translator called Sidar is brought in to his boss’ office. He speaks to a 17 year old man named Mehmet, asking about an accident at the construction site. It turns out Ismail has been found dead.

Mr Levent refuses to acknowledge any of Sidar’s theories, instead handing over a form and telling him to roughly translate it for Mehmet. He wants to wrap things up as quickly as possible.

Things are tense, but eventually Levent tasks Sidar with heading over and speaking to Ismail’s family. Given Ismail was Argah’s attorney, he left money for Katriye in the event of this occurring.

Meanwhile, Bayram’s secretary arrives with information for the police regarding the Sevket case. She points a finger at Fatma, believing that she went to Sevket and killed on behalf of Bayram. She even confirms the post-it note address handed over too.

Now we jump back in time and see what really happened to Ismail. Fatma and Ismail argued at the top of a high rise construction building. Fatma promised to pay him when Zafer returned (conveniently missing out the part that she has a whole wad of cash in her purse.)

Ismail wanted to strike a sexual deal but Fatma flat out refused. The noise of a crane moving stopped Fatma in her tracks; this is the same noise she was hearing from Zafer’s calls. Fatma then pushed Ismail off the top of the building. The man fell straight down to his doom.

The Episode Review

So far Fatma has been a pretty enjoyable revenge thriller, although it also throws up numerous questions about the ineptitude of the police force and the lack of questions directed at Fatma.

The train station incident at least had a bit of coverage though, especially with the way it was broadcast on the news, while Fatma continues to look like the guiltiest person everywhere she goes.

The ending with Ismail’s death was expected, but also one that complicates Fatma’s job against Ekber too. There’s also the questionable inclusion of money woes, which contradicts Fatma’s wad of cash she’s carrying around.

While this may not be enough to buy out her property, it should be enough to either rent somewhere else or pay off the debts she’s accumulated. The fact she hasn’t done either feels like a contrived effort to keep Fatma on this desperate fight for survival when it’s really not needed.

Still, we’ll have to wait and see how far Fatma’s revenge goes as we fast approach the halfway point of this drama.

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