Fate: The Winx Saga – Season 2 Episode 7 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

All The Wild Witches

Episode 7 of Fate: The Winx Saga Season 2 starts with the scrapers launching an assault across the school. They ambush all the kids, with Flora eventually knocked down by Beatrix and Sebastian. Musa happens to be hiding round the corner, and Beatrix whispers for her to go – which she does. As for Flora, she’s taken down to the basement with the other fairies and Specialists.

The attack has been orchestrated for a while and as a result, Sebastian now has control of some of the Specialists in Alfea.

Why does Bloom meet with Sebastian?

The group converge on the outskirts of town and try to come up with a plan to fight back against Sebastian and stop the Blood Witches. As for Sky, he ended up in confinement but busts out when a guard show up.

He fights his way through the school and regroups with the other Specialists. With too many to fight, the gang are forced to retreat and weigh up their options. Silva takes Sky aside and tells him he needs to go back to the groundskeeper’s cabin. Without LeRoy’s antidote, he’s a sitting duck. Given the school is crawling with Blood Witches, time is of the essence.

Meanwhile, Musa fights her way past several Specialists, succeeding where the others failed, and manages to break Flora free from her captors. As for Bloom, she’s put in an unenviable position when Sebastian rings from Sky’s phone. He’s under his control and Sebastian demands she sneak out and meet him without telling anyone. With Grey and Sky’s lives hanging in the balance, it seems she doesn’t have much of a choice.

What is Sebastian’s plan?

Outside, Beatrix meets with Stella in confidence. It turns out she’s been working undercover to find out exactly what Sebastian has been planning. With that familiar magic book in hand, she points out what the Blood Witches intend to do.

Now, it turns out there’s an entity in the Realm of Darkness that can raise the dead. He wants to use this to bring everyone from Aster Dell back to life. However, the last time this actually occurred, it nearly destroyed the Otherworld. Sebastian needs the Dragon Flame in order to open it, hence his fascination with Bloom.

Once the conduit is open, the only way to close it is from the other side. And now that Bloom is with Sebastian, and Sky being used as leverage, it looks set to cause serious problems.

Bloom reluctantly agrees to use her power to channel inside the crystal so Sebastian can take it in herself. While this is going on, the Specialists and Fairies regroup and prepare to strike. Thankfully, Flora has her own plan. She’s distilling a pheromone of her magic to attract the scrapers to her. She’s going to use Eldwynn to sacrifice herself and kill off all the scrapers at the same time. Terra is shocked when she finds out but it seems this is the only way.

Back inside, Sebastian decides to tell Bloom about her past, falling for the ol’ “stalling for time monologue” shtick. Anyway, he reveals that Bloom’s mum actually had this same Dragon Flame magic, because she was actually in stasis for 1000 years.

She was born in the middle of an ancient war but Bloom’s mum lost control and killed thousands, destroying any good will she initially built for herself. Wracked with guilt and passing the burden onto Bloom, she put herself in the Realm of Darkness and, subsequently, allowed Bloom to be stuck in stasis.

Is Sebastian defeated?

While Bloom transfers her magic into the crystal, Beatrix shows up and frees Sky from his binds. She also destroys the crystal. Sebastian is livid and uses his own magic to fling her across the room. Beatrix slams her head hard against the floor and a puddle of blood oozes out. She’s dead.

Bloom loses control and begins to conjure her Dragon Flame. Sky is still alive though and that’s enough for Bloom to focus and ease up a bit on her anger. All the fairies use their magic together, sprouting magical wings, and killing Sebastian. I don’t know about you guys but killing Sebastian 4 episodes ago at the diner could have solved a whole lot of problems!

With Sebastian dead, the gang return to the dorms where they all start eating and discussing what’s happened. They’ve won! Hoorah!

The Blood Witches are all clearing out, while Grey has left Alfea and gone back to his parents. They also reflect on Beatrix’s sacrifice and how she managed to redeem herself and help save the day.

How does Fate: The Winx Saga Season 2 end?

That night, Bloom heads down to the basement where she notices a strange swirling mass of magic. It turns out this is actually a conduit to the Realm of Darkness. It would appear that Sebastian actually had enough magic to open it before he died.

The only way to close it, as we know, is to be on the other side. Sky shows up and tries to talk Bloom out of what she’s about to do but it’s no good. She’s even written him a letter to confirm what she intends to do. The group say their goodbyes, and Bloom heads through alone.

In the morning, the other kids find all the letters Bloom has written for them and despair. As for Bloom, she wanders through the Realm and finds a strange castle on the horizon. And inside… is Bloom’s mum. As she walks toward it, we cut to the graveyard where a strange shadowy presence appears and watches Stella from afar.

The Episode Review

So Fate: The Winx Saga bows out its second season with closure for our main drama involving Sebastian but a much larger conflict on the horizon. Seeing all the kids using their magic together, complete with wings and a call-back to the animated series is a nice touch, but it also negates the earlier inner conflict about not actually killing Sebastian.

Given how big this point was, the fact that they just stopped Sebastian by killing him outright throws into question why they didn’t just do that earlier.

As for the attack on the school, that’s resolved and Bloom’s Dragon Flame powers are used to close the portal from the other side. I’d imagine if this show is renewed for another season, we’ll see the kids find some form of magic to open the portal to the other side and bring Bloom back. It could also be that Bloom’s mum will be the main antagonist too, setting up another cliched confrontation, this time in the form of parent VS child.

Despite all that, this second season hasn’t been as good as the first, which was bang average at best. There are a number of plot contrivance and holes here that are difficult to ignore, and the romance has felt half-baked at best. If there is a third season, let’s hope it’s an improvement over this.

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