Fate: The Winx Saga – Season 2 Episode 2 “Taken By The Wind” Recap & Review

Taken By The Wind

Episode 2 of Fate: The Winx Saga Season 2 starts with Terra out in the woods, picking mushrooms. She’s alone, and as we discovered last episode, that’s not necessarily a good thing. Terra senses there’s something amiss and conjures forth her vines. However, those vines suddenly sprout flowers… and out steps Flora.

Flora heads back to the academy with her friend, where she learns that Rosalind is now in charge and there are big changes afoot. There’s also that stranger with bite marks and cuts all over him too, leading the gang to wonder what this means – especially as the only word he’s uttered is “Rosalind”.

Flora’s arrival is a bit of a double-edged sword, especially as it causes tension and friction with Terra. Flora acts bossy and in-the-know, partly exacerbated by the fact she had a tutor over the summer to help her get ahead.

Rosalind is obviously not happy that Silva has slipped through Andreas’ grip. In fact, she chokes him out magically in her office to show her disdain. When Andreas returns outside, the duels continue as scheduled. There’s no blade slashes this time but just some well choregraphed punches and kicks.

Meanwhile, Bloom waits for Rosalind to leave her office before rooting around in her drawers. She finds an occult book full of spells – and the strange creature we’ve seen attack those students last episode in the center of a big picture. Bloom snaps a photo on her phone and manages to put the book back just before Rosalind returns.

Rosalind immediately susses out what she’s doing, and calls out Bloom for burning bridges between them. “You wouldn’t want that would you?” She challenges.

Andreas visits Sebastian, questioning him over Silva. Of course, Silva is being kept close, and it doesn’t take long for Andreas to use force to try and get some answers. After knocking Sebastian head-first through a cabinet, Andreas checks the storage room (which has a magical spell on it, preventing him seeing the real room, which is actually a lot bigger) and eventually leaves.

After class, Bloom sends the picture of this creature to the others and tries to work out what the strange symbols and text mean. Bloom teams up with Sky to go and see Silva. On the way though, they come across a bunch of wild horses and go for a ride.

Stella continues to struggle, with that strange gem on her back preventing her from doing any magic. Beatrix continues to snoop about while all this is going on, and getting nowhere with Stella she turns her attention to Sky instead. Or, at least to Sky’s stuff.

Riven catches her rooting through his gear and questions what she’s doing. She points out about Silva leaving and wanting to know the truth.

Bloom shows up at Sky’s old house, but the latter is not enthused about going inside. He does eventually join his girlfriend though, after Bloom picks up the book for translations. Andreas shows up in his car, prompting the pair to hide under the floorboards with the book to avoid detection.

Flora wakes up Devin while he’s in bed, using Terra’s adrenalin serum. He’s shown a picture of the creature, confirming that this is what attacked him, but he becomes enraged and uncontrollable, knocking Musa down and freeing himself from Terra’s vines. He wanders right into Stella’s path.

Andreas also catches wind of Devin’s escape too, receiving a call from the school and deciding to leave. Unfortunately, he notices the pictures up on the pin-up board are crooked and susses out that he’s not alone.

To try and send a message, he decides to burn the whole house down. With petrol thrown on the house, Andreas has the place burnt while Bloom and Sky are still inside. Bloom holds Sky and encourages him not to move as she makes a makeshift forcefield around them.

Back in the academy, Rosalind shows up and tries to calm Devin down, who questions just what she’s done to him, threatening her with a knife. Rosalind uses her magic to make him back up, but the boy soon collapses on the floor, dead on impact. Terra takes the blame for injecting him with the serum, covering for Flora. Rosalind clears everyone out the office.

All the group gather together and realize that the page from the spell book is actually referencing a summoning spell. It’s an ancient bit of magic too, which isn’t elemental by nature. At first glance, it would appear that Rosalind is using these to attack fairies.

Aisha recognizes one of the symbols, and as they all use their powers of deduction, they believe Rosalind is actually using these to steal magic from fairies to make herself stronger. Rosalind killed Devin to make sure this secret stayed buried, but there are bigger problems afoot.

Beatrix shows up next to Rosalind, watching as Andreas, Riven and Sky are choked for their insolence. However, Beatrix uses her powers and informs Rosalind that Riven is hiding something.

The Episode Review

So it would seem that Rosalind is actually hiding a much more sinister plan here, one that’s likely to cause all sorts of problems going forward this season. Unless the kids can stop her of course… or if this is just one big red herring.

So far, this season has been pretty lackadaisical in terms of plotting, with the series showing its hand much earlier than one may have expected.

Not only that but Fate: Winx Saga has always been a series that’s been more interested in its teen romance and drama than its fantasy. That much is especially true here as we see several make out sessions and a sex scene thrown in for good measure.

The trouble is, there’s just not a lot of depth to any of it. Even with Aisha and Grey, there’s no tension and everything is very obvious and orchestrated.

Still, there’s plenty of time for things to improve so we’ll have to wait and see what the rest of the show has in store for us.

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