Fate: The Winx Saga – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Some Wrecked Angel

Episode 4 of Fate: The Winx Saga begins with Saul and Farah certain that someone has tried to break into their office. Using magic, they figure out that Callum was killed using biometrics. Beatrix meanwhile, finds herself obsessed with Bloom and checking out her Instagram feed.

Bloom recruits Aisha to her cause, tasking her with checking Callum’s office and looking through his files for anything that may help. When Terra and Musa show up, and with news of Bloom being a Changeling breaking out around school, Bloom goes into hiding.

Well, Aisha has some sort of listening device planted in the office and replays it later on, understanding that the teachers are hiding something.

Meanwhile, Dane apologizes to Terra for what happened between them with the video. She’s having none of it though and tells him he needs to be careful who to trust. While her Father leaves, Terra starts sniffing around his things and notices something involving Vessel Stones.

Stella’s Mother, Queen Luna herself, rocks up at school ready for the assembly while Bloom takes advantage of this mandatory meeting to head off on her own and investigate the east wing. However, she runs into Sky who questions what she’s doing.

Eventually she and Sky head down to the basement and find a picture showing Sky’s Father with Rosalind. Well, the two bump into Riven and Beatrix on the way, leading to some ensuing tension between the group. While Riven and Sky talk outside, back inside Bloom and Beatrix discuss Rosalind and eventually break a lock into a war room. Inside, they find a map and lots of secret documents.

Back at the assembly, the Queen warns that there’s at least five Burned Ones out and about and the threat they pose to the school and kingdom itself is very real. Afterwards, she takes Stella into Dowling’s office and shows her exactly how powerful they can make their magic. She’s not happy with Dowling’s perceived lack of progress on this front, with the Queen conjuring up nightmarish visions to show exactly how far this magic can go.

In the War Room, Bloom finds clues in the form of a place called Aster Dell. After Beatrix short-circuits Bloom’s phone without her realizing, she offers to take the girl there. Bloom has initial doubts but eventually heads off with Beatrix in a car they’ve stolen.

Well, apparently one of the queen’s guards was knocked out as Farah and the other teachers set out to try and bring the two girls back. Well, Beatrix takes Bloom out to the outskirts of town and conjures forth Aster Dell from nothing, a ruinous place that was destroyed thanks to the Burned Ones arriving.

A military unit from Alfea torched the place to the ground thanks to Queen Luna’s command. She’s sure that she and Bloom are connected given she’s seen visions of Dowling, Silva and Harvey together.

Her story, and memories of Rosalind, match that of Beatrix’s and she’s intending to free Rosalind to find out more. Only, on the way back to school the pair are stopped by Dowling and the others. When they head back, Stella is taken away from the school as the Queen decides to train her up at home instead.

As the episode closes out, Dowling begins to suspect Bloom knows more than she’s letting on and rings her parents to keep her in the loop going forward.

The Episode Review

Fate: The Winx Saga deepens the character ties as the kids finally realize that the teachers (all three of them) are keeping secrets from them. That something seems to be Rosalind, who now has a link with both Beatrix and Bloom. Could these two be twins or from the same family? The story seems to be hinting toward that but these two have easily been the most interesting characters in Winx so far.

Meanwhile, the teen drama continues while the fantasy elements – and in particular world-building – are sidelined in favour of this. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, but this is definitely not a show to think too hard about.

The most pressing concern here is quite why there aren’t any cameras up around school. There’s electricity everywhere using normal lightbulbs so why not have cameras installed in the offices for a safeguard? And what do these kids actually learn at school? They’ve got essay papers and assemblies, mixed in with various McGuffins to help =hear through walls but the lack of background to what’s going on – or quite why – is a bit disappointing.

Still, as a straight forward teen drama with sprinklings of fantasy elements, this one will almost certainly find an audience.

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