Fate: The Winx Saga – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Heavy Mortal Hopes

Flashbacks open episode 3 of Fate: The Winx Saga as Bloom inexplicably sees images of her birth, including a strange woman telling her to “come and find her.” Who could this be? Well, stay tuned as we’re about to find out.

Aisha suggests they speak to Terra and look through her Father’s yearbooks for answers. Before that though, it’s lesson time. Farah tells the different girls to channel their powers as we see everyone in action. Despite Bloom’s problems in the past, she easily controls her fire while it’s Aisha who ends up with problems controlling water.

Speaking of problems, Saul continues to suffer from his inflictions with horrible black tendrils pulsing through his back. For now, he manages to hide his pain.

The kids continue to exhibit problems, with Terra held back by her self-consciousness over her body and Musa distracted by Sam’s presence.

Bloom however, is fixated on the vision she had at the start of the episode. On the back of this, she decides to go to the Stone Circle and conjure up as much magic as possible. Aisha however, is not sure this is a good idea. Instead, they head out to party where all our faeries happen to be – alongside the males – playing beer pong and drinking.

Bloom learns from Riven that Stella used her magic to blind her best friend so she quickly vacates the area. When she does, she sneaks into the abandoned east wing of the school and finds a portrait in the basement. She realizes that Dowling is lying and intends to confront her about this. Given Bloom is drunk, Aisha tells her this isn’t a good idea but admits she’s not going to hold Bloom back any more.

While Boom gets closer to finding out the truth, Musa kisses Sam while Terra questions whether her and Dane could be a unit. While all this teen angst is going on, Beatrix seizes her opportunity and breaks into Dowling’s hidden chamber, using Callum as a sacrificial lamb.

Farah and Saul talk to a team on the hunt for the Burned One. A different one of course, given Aisha and Bloom already killed one last episode. Well, this time the group are successful and manage to kill the Burned One but it’s not the same one who attacked Saul.

Bloom makes her choice and confronts Dowling after all. There, she learns that Rosalind was headmistress before her and the pictures were stashed in the abandoned east wing. Bloom is understandably suspicious and demands to speak to Rosalind. Only, she’s apparently been dead for years.

Bloom, now going from someone who couldn’t control her powers to mastering it in a few short episodes, heads to the stone circle and blasts out flames in rage. She quickly extinguishes them though as Sky shows up and hears that she’s a Changeling. However, she also hears whispers about a Burned One in the forest and they head off in search.

All our characters at the party receive a message and scramble for the forest where Bloom and Sky are. Eventually the Burned One shows up, just as our magical faeries team up with Sky to stop it. Dowling appears too and kills the creature. She decides to reprimand the faeries in the morning but for now, they’re told to head up to their rooms.

Bloom talks to Aisha about her night and how she was able to control her magic. Given she’s a natural with her abilities, Aisha tells her to be realistic and how her parents may not be part of some elaborate scheme.

Meanwhile, Farah tells the other teachers that Bloom has the potential to be the most powerful fairy they’ve encountered in some time. It’s also clear that they’ve lied about Rosalind being dead. Dowling warns the others that Bloom can’t meet her, as the camera pans inside the magical portal in Farah’s basement to see Rosalind being held captive.

The Episode Review

Episode 3 of Winx Saga returns and with frat parties and inconsistent world building – but a lot of enjoyable teen drama nonetheless.

The rules for this magical world haven’t been fully established, leaving lots of unanswered questions. How far does Musa’s power extend? If there’s magic in this world, why is everyone communicating using cell phones? If these cell phones works between worlds, as it does for Bloom and her parents, what cell provider is she using?

And if all these students are using phones, what’s to stop students from broadcasting their location and using magic on Insta stories or Facebook? We’ve established that photos can be uploaded but yet there’s no rules in place to stop this sort of thing occurring at the school.

And speaking of which, what are the actual rules in this school? Dowling doesn’t have a problem with drinking but it’s not clear where the boundaries lie with half the students.

I know that the original animated series tackled some of these questions but given how far removed this is from that show, it does feel like weak script writing nonetheless. Still, we’ll have to wait and see what lies in store for our chosen one and her fairy brethren going forward.

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