Fatal Seduction Season 1 Volume 2 Review – Plagued with a weak plot, flat characters, pointless theatrics & strange revelations

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With fatal criminal investigations taking place at its core, the latest crime drama on Netflix, Fatal Seduction tells a tale about lies, deception, and mistrust. The primary protagonist of the tale is a married woman named Nandi Mahlati, who has been having an affair with her student, Jacob. After the police discover Brenda, her closest companion, dead at her residence, her life grows increasingly challenging.

Nandi attempts vainly to mitigate the catastrophic consequences of her choices shortly after getting into a sticky situation with Jacob as well as erroneously cheating on her spouse, Leonard, who seems to be innocent. Life is rarely that simple, though, and as she frantically attempts to make amends, previously hidden secrets from the distant past threaten all that she values.

In Fatal Seduction Season 1 Volume 2, as Nandi gradually finds herself embroiled in a criminal investigation along with her infidelity, her life takes a turn for the worse as she delves into the murky pasts of both her spouse Leonard as well as her hidden lover Jacob. The themes that permeate the narrative include catastrophic repercussions of one’s actions, facing the consequences of past mistakes, and characters seeking retribution from those who have wronged them in the past.

The Netflix series builds on the idea that everybody possesses a certain amount of grey in them until their very cores start to shake. However, the majority of the morally dubious characters that make up this moral muck have ludicrous, superficial motives, go too far in seeking vengeance, and end up acting strangely as a consequence.

Additionally, the level of miscommunication that all the characters throughout this soap opera-style production are prone to, is extremely hilarious, but it can also get frustrating on occasions when the humor isn’t quite there. The central ensemble is the focus of the plot, which is worsened by the fact that the antagonist—who appears to function as the big bad one—is only hinted at in the kinky moments near the end. As a consequence, it lacks a more effective commentary.

In terms of delivering thrills, the turns of events simply entail horrible things taking place. The characters in Fatal Seduction Volume 2 keep concealing the obvious truth and cause problems by being purposefully deceptive. Additionally, neither the main plot nor the thrill are sufficiently intriguing or alarming in order for you to feel taken aback by what is happening.

To make matters worse, the turns in the show, especially in Season 1 Volume 2 are bizarre and lack any credibility or sense of actuality. It’s the equivalent of doing something absurd and labeling it what it really is. As if attempting to make a nonsensical event impressive by passing it away as a serious argument would make it not insane.

Showing sexual sequences that don’t contribute to the plot must be subject to some kind of restriction. During the initial episode of Volume 2, there is a segment that is so bizarrely graphic that you question whether or not you are on Netflix. Simply put, Fatal Seduction romanticizes lust and extramarital affairs. Moreover, the cringe-inducing “mother-daughter sleeping with the same guy situation” had the show reaching disturbing new lows.

But throughout Volume 2, Ngele Ramulondi, who plays the daughter Zinhle, is given more to work with, and her reaction to the numerous ridiculous revelations is plausible. Her grief and guilt are nearly suffocating to watch. Having said that, her character arc itself comes across as far too naive and overly dramatic.

And to put it mildly, the majority of other actors are dealing with material and range that is essentially identical to what they have previously explored in Volume 1. However, Thapelo Mokoena attempts some fresh approaches with Leonard’s detailed breakdown. Overall, this crime drama is not worth watching owing to its weak plot, flat character developments, pointless theatrics, and strange revelations.

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  • Verdict - 3/10

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