Fatal Seduction – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Truth Shall Break You

Does Vuyo kill Jacob?

Jacob is still alive, as episode 7 of Fatal Seduction makes clear. In order to question him regarding Brenda and shock him into making an admission, Vuyo continues to keep him alive. This leads to the somewhat amusing implication that Jacob is then actually killed because Vuyo literally takes his ‘corpse’ and throws it in the middle of the forest.

But the fact that Jacob is still alive allows him to escape and wander aimlessly through the woods till he comes out and is struck by Nandi’s vehicle. Despite everything, he continues to live. He’s somewhat irritated, though.

What happens after Leonard confronts Vuyo?

Meanwhile, after disposing of what he thinks is Jacob’s body, Leonard confronts Vuyo and claims that he had a sexual relationship with Nandi. In response, Vuyo claims Leonard coerced Brenda into lying in the case of child killer Benjamin Chiba, which Vuyo looked into and Leonard ruled over.

Vuyo gains an edge over Leonard and takes him out after he is unable to defend forcing Brenda to falsely testify or being at fault for Vuyo getting shot. 

Do Nandi and Jacob end up together?

Nandi now has the opportunity to speak with Jacob extensively about his true motivations after striking him with her vehicle. Everything started when Leonard put his dad in jail based on Brenda’s false testimony, which caused his dad to commit suicide and sent his mom into a crippling emotional spiral.

We discover that Jacob used Nandi at first in order to approach Leonard and exact revenge. Additionally, although he doesn’t exactly feel sorry for Brenda’s passing, Jacob strongly denies killing her. Thereafter, he asserts that he truly cares about Nandi, whom he fell in love with almost right away after starting to stalk her as well as her family.

Nandi finds it challenging to accept the truth. Because of his murderous motives, Nandi decides to distance herself from Jacob. Following this, he rants bitterly about how important he is during the final moments of the episode.

The Episode Review

The absurdity of episode 7 of Fatal Seduction is the fact that it serves as the first volume’s almost ideal endpoint despite it being utterly flawed. With several showdowns, discoveries, as well as answers to certain important questions, the finale was the most thrilling episode in the entire Netflix series so far.

The cliffhanger resolution to the first volume of a ridiculous erotic thriller is chock-full of unexpected turns and soapy theatrical nonsense, which includes unclear flashbacks as well as dream scenes.

Volume 2 of the show is already being teased after season 1 ends on a cliffhanger. It will be interesting to see how things develop in the upcoming sequel.

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