Fatal Seduction – Volume 2 Episode 9 Recap & Review

Nothing Is As It Seems

Episode 9 of Fatal Seduction begins with a flashback to Zinhle’s childhood. We are then transported to the present timeline. With the assistance of police officers, Leonard, Vuyo and Nandi search for Zinhle. They arrive at the location where Zinhle and Jacob were on a date and discover her blood. They all grow concerned and hasten the search.

Zinhle’s close friend is approached to locate her. She goes on to discuss Zinhle’s crush, Pokiboi, and how she believes he is Jacob. Following that, Leonard, Nandi, Vuyo, and the cops storm Jacob’s garage and discover him there. The cops assault him and they even find Zinhle, who defends Jacob.

When Zinhle returns home, she gets furious at her parents for causing Jacob pain and in turn, they ground her. Nandi suggests that she and Leonard tell Zinhle the truth about Jacob after a while. Leonard, on the other hand, objects and asks her to keep things from Zinhle because it could jeopardize their career.

The following morning, Vuyo approaches Nandi and says he has something to show her. Meanwhile, Zinhle meets Jacob at college. They are then seen having sex in one of the classrooms. At work, Leonard receives a document containing evidence accusing him of framing Benjamin Jiba. He freaks out and collapses on the floor.

Meanwhile, Vuyo informs Nandi that Jacob was not the last person to visit Brenda on the night she passed away. He then informs her that they have another suspect. When he plays the clip, we see Leonard in the footage, and the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

The episode revolves around Leonard, Nandi, and Vuyo’s search for Zinhle. Zinhle is seen getting closer to Jacob as the episode progresses. Meanwhile, Leonard’s past appears to be coming back to haunt him.

The plot of the episode and the show as a whole is paper thin. We see things that appear to be there only to create tension, complicate things unnecessarily, or lead to pointless sex.

For instance, it’s strange that Jacob had an affair with Nandi and is now sleeping with her daughter to take revenge. Furthermore, Jacob and Zinhle having sex in a classroom is absurd and highly unlikely. The mystery elements are also quite forced and do not build any suspense. Hopefully, things pick up, but the Netflix show up until this point is sub-par at best.

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