Fatal Seduction – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

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Episode 1 of Fatal Seduction begins with a woman being taken into custody. The audience has no idea about what has taken place at this point. When we first meet Nandi, a woman who recently miscarried, the mystery starts to take shape. She currently resides together with her kid Zinhle and her spouse Leonard.

That same evening, as Nandi is enjoying herself, Leonard’s phone abruptly flashes with an intimate message. Nandi discovers that Ameera, her spouse’s assistant, sent the message once she unlocks it. Additionally, we learn that somebody is secretly photographing Nandi that very night.

Brenda, a friend of Nandi’s, shows up at her home the following morning for an overnight party at her place. Nandi tells Brenda about the text and that she believes her husband is having an extramarital affair. Brenda follows up by asking Nandi when she last had sex with her partner. Nandi tells Brenda that it has been six months. She then continues to explain the circumstances to Brenda.

Nandi and Brenda connect with a young man named Jacob during the party. They all head over to Brenda’s home following the party. Jacob denies ever having met Brenda, despite Brenda having suspicions that she has. Jacob and Nandi start to make sexual advances at this point.

Nandi feels bad about cheating on Leonard when she awakens. Jacob then tries to stop her, but she quickly leaves Brenda’s home. However, as she leaves, she accuses Brenda of encouraging her to get into an extramarital affair.

We watch Nandi giving a lecture in her college classroom the following morning. Following this, episode 1 of the Netflix show ends with the revelation that Brenda has been brutally murdered in a bathtub.

The Episode Review

The opening episode of Fatal Seduction establishes the tone for the union that is approaching its end, and what it merely needs is some push. During the premiere of the Netflix show, Nandi cheats on Leonard. The tragic passing of Brenda brings the episode to a close. It will be interesting to see how things develop from here.

The episode’s premise seems to be rather weak, though it’s probably too early to tell. To make matters worse, not a single character is intriguing or deserving of sympathy. Although we hope the episodes get better, at this point the show is mediocre at best.


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