Fatal Seduction – Volume 2 Episode 13 Recap & Review

One More Lie

Episode 13 of Fatal Seduction continues where the previous one left off. Vuyo shoots the cops to help Leonard’s escape. Leonard, on the other hand, smears his fingerprints on the gun to accept responsibility for the crime. Vuyo then assists him in breaking out of the hospital and hiding out until he prepares to run away to Mozambique with Nandi.

At home, Zinhle learns of her father’s escape and the murder of a cop. She tells Nandi about it while panicking. Meanwhile, Officer Roxanne approaches Vuyo to question him about Leonard. Vuyo claims he has no idea where Leonard is.

We’re then taken back in time. Zinhle is revealed to be the daughter of Vuyo and Nandi. But Leonard had refused to let Nandi tell Vuyo that Zinhle is his daughter. Leonard is plagued by guilt in the present timeline. He finally informs Vuyo that Zinhle is his and Nandi’s daughter. Vuyo is naturally upset and enraged by this.

Following this, Vuyo goes to Nandi’s house. He tries to remind her of their previous relationship. But Nandi is uninterested in the past. He then informs her that he will stay in order to look after Zinhle and her.

Leonard returns home later that night to pick up Nandi. Zinhle arrives in the midst of the chaos and fears he is going to harm her mother. Following that, she pierces him with a katana. Nandi accepts responsibility for her daughter’s actions and is arrested as the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

The episode revolves around Vuyo discovering that he is Zinhle’s father. Furthermore, it sheds light on Vuyo’s rage and suggests that he may be working through something else. Zinhle seriously harms Leonard and Nandi is arrested at the end of the episode. It is chock-full of shocking and dramatic revelations, brutality, and scheming.

At this point, the show is more akin to a daily soap, with bizarre theatrics and cringe-worthy sentimentality. Given that the season finale is only one episode away, this episode leaves plenty of loose ends. We’ll have to wait and see how things end in the next episode.

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