Fatal Seduction – Volume 2 Episode 12 Recap & Review

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Episode 12 of Fatal Seduction begins with Leonard having a dream about his family confronting him and demanding that he confess. He awakens, and Inspector Roxanne informs him that he is being held accountable for Brenda’s murder. However, because he is critically ill, they have allowed him to remain in the hospital, with police officers patrolling outside his ward.

The scene then shifts to Zinhle, who appears to be very upset with her mother. She eventually confides in her close friend Laura about it, and the two spend time together. Elsewhere, Vuyo pays a visit to Jacob and attacks him. This time, Jacob strikes back and defends himself. Following this, Vuyo offers him $5 million if he agrees to leave. He also promises to bring justice to Jacob’s late father.

Later, Vuyo attempts to talk to Leonard at the hospital. Leonard reveals that the Minister put pressure on him by threatening his family, so he had no choice but to obey. Vuyo instructs him to contact his lawyers and advises him to ask his lawyers to do everything Vuyo instructs. He goes on to say that he’s doing it so Leonard can provide for Nandi and Zinhle.

Nandi enters the room at this point, so Vuyo is unable to continue the conversation. She then asks Leonard if he killed Brenda, and he says he doesn’t remember. The doctor soon informs her that Leonard’s sodium level is extremely high, which is impairing his memory. Following this, we see Vuyo putting sodium in Leonard’s saline.

Nandi contacts Zinhle and requests that she return to the hospital. Meanwhile, Vuyo informs Leonard that he is arranging for him to go to Mozambique. When Leonard expresses his desire not to leave without his family, Vuyo advises him to focus on the present. When Nandi returns home, she discovers a letter on her bed. The letter is from Jacob, who expresses his regret for what he did. He goes on to say that he’ll return if she contacts him, but for now, he’s leaving.

During the final moments of the episode, Vuyo sets a car on fire in the hospital. He is seen sneaking Leonard out as everyone else rushes out. When an officer stops them from leaving, Vuyo shoots him, and the episode concludes.

The Episode Review

The episode revolves around Leonard being held responsible for Brenda’s death and Vuyo attempting to save him from being arrested. The episode also sheds light on Jacob’s decision after Vuyo offers him money.

The episode is a drag that is neither entertaining nor thrilling. This episode and the show as a whole are plagued by dramatic revelations, shallow relationships, and chaotic confrontations. In addition, it has weak character arcs, no solid storyline, and no real depth. Having said that, the Netflix show’s picturesque setting is absolutely breathtaking.

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