Fatal Seduction – Volume 2 Episode 11 Recap & Review

Sins Of The Past

Episode 11 of Fatal Seduction begins with Jacob regretting sleeping with Zinhle for revenge. Following that, we are shown a flashback to the past, where Leonard is seen persuading Brenda to testify against Benjamin Jiba. The action shifts to Nandi and Zinhle in the hospital. Zinhle inquires about Jacob, but Nandi refuses to discuss him with her. She does, however, warn her to stay away from him because he is dangerous.

Nandi recalls the jacket Leonard wore being identical to the one in the footage while speaking with Zinhle. Following this, she rushes home. On getting home, Nandi is sitting with Leonard’s jacket. Vuy walks in and they have a conversation in which he suggests that Leonard could be innocent and that someone else could be involved.

Zinhle messages Jacob at the hospital, questioning him about his actions. Following this, he tells her that her father framed his father. She questions Nandi about it when she returns to the hospital room but Nandi just tells her to avoid Jacob and concentrate on her father. When Nandi leaves the hospital, Jacob is waiting for her.

He tells her about a conversation he had with Brenda before she died, in which she assured him that his father was innocent. Zinhle notices Nandi and Jacob getting close for a brief moment and she walks away. Following this, Nandi pushes Jacob away, saying he’s made far too many mistakes.

Meanwhile, Vuyo is at the scene of Charlie Chace’s murder. The authorities have hired a new detective, Roxanne, in place of Charlie. But someone attacks her while she is travelling with certain files. She does, however, get back at the person and gets a glimpse of the person’s face before he flees.

Nandi finally gets to speak with Zinhle the next morning. Zinhle confronts her over kissing Jacob and accuses Nandi of sleeping with him. Zinhle then barges into his garage and demands answers. She pieces things together and discovers that he has been sleeping with both her and her mother.

Meanwhile, Detective Roxanne tracks down the person who attacked her with the help of Vuyo. As the episode concludes, the man reveals that he was hired by Leonard.

The Episode Review

The episode sheds light on a few events from the past. Furthermore, shocking facts are revealed to the characters, making them question everything.

The episode concludes with the man who attacked Detective Roxanne admitting that he was hired by Leonard. This revelation could signal a significant shift in the course of events.

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