Farzi – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Crash and Burn

Episode 8 of Farzi starts with Sunny and Firoz preparing for their big deal with Doshi. They’re meeting at a public place, that being the parking lot over at a busy mall. Megha and Sunny are no longer messaging now though, and with Sunny having removed the tracker from her phone, Firoz questions just what Sunny is doing and where his mind-set is at.

Meanwhile, Rekha and Michael’s divorce is finalized and Rekha wins full custody of their child with Michael given visitation rights for limited times. This saga comes to an obvious conclusion but they’re at least amicable to one another as they leave the courthouse.

Michael organizes the troops and gets everyone into position, ready to catch their “Artist” red-handed. As for Sunny and Firoz, they show up at the parking lot not long after, as he and Firoz get into position and prepare for the hand-over.

Megha is desperate to get involved and she ends up wandering into the middle of the parking lot. There, Sunny sees her, realizes it’s a trap and starts reversing.

With the operation spiraling out of control, Michael scrambles try to bring the authorities in to block the exists and stop Sunny from escaping. On the second level, Sunny switches cars and they even get change clothes to avoid suspicion. They’re stopped by Michael, but they manage to avoid suspicion by posing as cleaners. However, when the silver SUV is found empty and the officer radios through, the boys floor it and charge out the parking lot.

Firoz and Sunny decide to release all the fake notes into the city, spewing it out the back of their car on the highway and stopping traffic as people get out of their cars to pick up the notes. With the road blocked for the Counterfeit team, Firoz and Sunny take their eyes off the road and end up crashing.

Firoz and Sunny do manage to miraculously walk away from this crash but the damage has already been done. The media pounce all over the Supernote situation and begin to spin this as financial terrorism. Mansoor ends up watching this too and he’s shocked by the reports, realizing just how much more difficult it’s going to be to spread these bills around.

Despite the heat on them, Firoz and Sunny try to work their way through this, with the latter adamant that this is just a set-back and that the new deal with the notes will revive their careers and prevent them falling back into the slums again. Firoz though is not so sure and believes they’re over.

Sunny shows up to see Megha, who questions why he hasn’t seen him for so long. He claims he has problems with his phone and offers to just chill and hang out together. However, this feels like a final supper of sorts as Sunny too appears to know things are about to turn hairy. Specifically through Jamal, who learns about the botched operation and feeds that back to Mansoor.

Mansoor wants results and decides the best course of action here is to get rid of his Artist, given how large his organization is. Sunny knows too much and right now, he’s a liability.

Jamal picks the duo up with Jitu and they head for the safehouse. Everything escalates when Firoz and Sunny get there though, and they look set to meet a horrible demise. That is, until Sunny and Firoz’s boys show on their bikes and turn the tables. Given their live location is on, Firoz and Sunny manage to get out of this in one piece, escaping from Mansoor’s goons.

Sunny rings Nannu and tells him to leave the city. Unfortunately, it’s too late as the worst possible outcome has arisen. Kranti Magazine has been the victim of an arson attack and Nannu has died inside the building. Sunny’s whole world comes crashing down around him. As a result, Sunny decides against following Anees out of the city, deciding to finish this right now.

After shooting Jamal in cold blood that night, he nonchalantly walks through the safehouse and gets rid of the other goons, eventually turning his attention to Jitu, whom he shoots down. After forcing the guy to open up the locked door, Sunny answers a call from Mansoor and has him watch as he burns all the fake notes. Mansoor pleads with Sunny not to make things personal, but Sunny scoffs at that, given Mansoor has crossed the line in killing his grandfather.

Sunny burns all the notes and promises the big boss that this isn’t over. He’s coming for him. With all the notes burning, Sunny tells him to enjoy the view before leaving the building.

As the series closes out, the facial recognition software seems to find a match just as Firoz hops onboard the train and leaves town. Mansoor knows that Sunny is coming for him now, and with no familial ties and nothing to hold him back, Sunny is dead-set on revenge.

The Episode Review

Farzi’s finale is by far the weakest chapter of the whole show and the sudden tonal shift from crime drama with Sunny as the underdog and evading authorities to to suddenly being this crazy action hero capable of one-shot killing goons is a bit unbelievable. I know this is typical for action dramas like this but Sunny hasn’t really handled a gun, nor shown any sort of proficiency with weapons, so it seems to come out of nowhere.

The second season (should this be renewed, that is!) will undoubtedly devolve further into this but Sunny’s decision to burn all the fake notes is an odd one to be honest. I’m not sure why he didn’t just pack a bag full of notes and then burn the rest. We’ve seen that he’s driven by money and this just seems like an odd decision.

Either way, the final episode is certainly action-packed but it’s a frustrating deviation from what we’ve seen before. The frustrating cliffhanger ending is the cherry on the cake here and holds this back from being a more bombastic offering.

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