Farzi – Season 1 Episode 7 “Supernote” Recap & Review


Episode 7 of Farzi starts with Sunny and Firoz living the high life. After pulling off their crazy cash heist in Mumbai last episode, the pair have a big apartment, drive fancy cars and hang out in the VIP section of clubs.

While this is going on, Pawan comes under fire regarding fake currency spreading through the country. After initially reporting that they’ve been rooted out completely, Pawan backpedals and tells the interviewer that they have an ongoing investigation. The thing is, it’s much bigger than he initially thought. When he finds out there’s 12,000 crores that have spread, Megha demonstrates just how hard it is to track down these new fake notes, by burning one in front of him. This seems like it could be a symbolic bit of foreshadowing.

Michael is there too and in private, pleads with Pawan not to announce publicly that he’s stopped the counterfeiters. Pawan though only cares about his campaign and just can’t see sense.

Michael has issues of his own though, as he gets absolutely schooled in court when his ex wife’s lawyer brings up just how irresponsible he is. Michael’s lawyer does a pretty terrible job at defending his client, and tries futilely to talk Rekha around. In the end, their conversation concludes with Michael on the ropes and almost certainly going to lose his son.

Sunny continues to get close to Megha, heading over to hers and handing over an original painting, one he did when he was 15. The pair spend the day together, as Sunny is clearly catching feelings for her. Back at Megha’s apartment, the pair kiss, which leads to them sleeping together. In the morning, Sunny unlocks Megha’s phone under the guise of trying to get hold of the selfies and removes the bugging software.

On the subject of art, Megha realizes that the Supernote and the Sandwich Note are actually from the same artist, and there’s even a signature on each, a faint S to show off Sunny’s work.

As for Sunny, he’s in the midst of trying to sort out distributing these fake bills. Given how many there are, he’s been trying to find ways of getting this done without igniting Mansoor’s wrath. Megha manages to get herself involved in a sting operation to take down Sunny red-handed, coming from a deal with Doshi. Sunny has a bad feeling about this though and isn’t sure whether to follow through or not.

Mansoor believes he’s found the mole in his organization, showing up at the safehouse and taking out a guy called Pathan. Despite pleading for his life, Mansoor has the man killed, likening him to an animal and reminding Sunny and Firoz that a “fuck-up is a fuck-up.” It’s a big wake-up call for the brothers, who realize they need to move their notes – and move them quickly.

As the episode closes out, Michael learns from Doshi that the deal is on and prepares to catch the culprits red-handed.

The Episode Review

With Michael’s life spiraling out of control, the whole drama surrounding his divorce feels like padding and using up time at this point. And to be honest, there’s not a whole lot of movement with the plot either. A lot of what’s here feels like build-up for a bombastic finale, which appears to be the longest episode of the bunch.

Sunny and Firoz hve been living the high life and now they’re starting to get cocky. The attitude difference in the pair is quite telling, although this romance with Megha feels a bit forced, especially with Sunny getting rid of the software off her phone too.

Everything here is geared up for a dramatic final episode though and quite who will come out on top is anyone’s guess.

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