Farzi – Season 1 Episode 6 “Cat and Mouse” Recap & Review

Cat and Mouse

Episode 6 of Farzi begins in Jordan with Mansoor reeling over Bilal’s capture. They need to try and find a new route to get their bills in circulation but Sunny is not worried. He points out that he’s managed to bug Megha’s phone so they should be one step ahead of the authorities. Knowing he has the upper-hand, Sunny bargains an extra cut of 15% from Mansoor.

Michael is still trying to fight his divorce proceedings, with his lawyer promising to draw up a counter-measure to stop this going to court. Michael is not so sure. Still, with his weighing over him, he heads to see Bilal again and learns the code-words that the counterfeiters are using. It would appear that they may be heading up through Burma for the new shipment. It’s the largest shipment they’ve ever moved before; enough cash to fill the whole office.

Sunny plays both sides of the conflict, heading out to see Megha. Only, Ananya arrives while they’re having dinner and things get awkward. Sunny keeps his cool and when Megha receives a message from HQ, she’s forced to leave. But of course, Sunny knows what’s happening and tries to stay one step ahead.

The pair continue to go back and forth, attempting to find a new route, but with insiders on both sides of the conflict. Throughout it all though, every time one of them makes a move, the other is forced to cancel. There are only five people who know about this plan, while Michael begins to suspect Megha is the one responsible for the leaked information. He checks her phone but nothing really comes of it.

After stopping shipments at various different locations, the Counterfeit team and all their resources are spread thin but busy picking out medium sized shipments. However, they soon realize that these notes happen to be Mansoor’s old, worthless stock – the fake bills that are caught on the machines. Michael quickly realizes that this is one big, massive decoy as Mansoor and Sunny have something else planned.

Michael reveals the bad news to Pawan while he’s in the process of doing interviews nationwide the whole time. He’s deciding to milk the situation and better his own politician campaign regardless of what’s happening.

So where is the money? Well, it turns out they’re going to use a Trojan horse and smuggle it onboard a large boat called the Prosta Luchshi. Firoz and Sunny buy the vessel from a guy called Tal in Oman, who’s also there to serve as their boat captain too. It also means Firoz and Sunny need to board the ship to ride with the shipment too.

En-route to Alang, the boat is forced to change course given the authorities are already there ready for a drug raid. Jamal rings them hurriedly, telling the group they need to go to another port before it’s too late as every boat is being raided and searched.

Svetlana, Tal’s translator, bargains for double the money, and suggests they go to Mumbai instead. It’s not the actual port but Mumbai itself, or at least the outskirts of it. They’re going to move the shipments into the shallow waters and then under the blanket of darkness, move the containers. The thinking here is that all the authorities will be too busy with the beached ship that they can move the shipments onto land without actually being seen.

Their plan works an absolute treat, and with the shipment moved, Firoz and Sunny chuckle as we zoom out and see the pair sitting on a whole stack of notes.

The Episode Review

The aptly titled episode of Farzi is called “cat and mouse” and it definitely lives up to that name here. Both Firoz and Sunny work well to combat the authorities, while Michael is cunning and bound to find the pair out soon. He’s already rumbled Megha and realized that the operation is hanging on by a thread, but this seems to be the last straw.

Michael was not happy with the beached ship at the end but it’s undoubtedly a clever plan to draw eyes away from the coast. Will there be any repercussions for this though I wonder?

Although this was the shortest episode of the whole season, the pace and tension are spot on throughout the 40 minute chapter. There’s undoubtedly lots more drama in store for us over the coming chapters, as Farzi looks set to step it up a gear.

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