Farzar – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

‘War and Peace’

As Bazarack had promised Clitaris, episode 10 of Farzar starts with a meeting for all the leaders of the clan; King Snuffle Snart, President Banana, Medium Bob Dookie, Leafion the Fifth, and another unnamed lip leader.

The sassy monster does not invite the leader of the skull people. He then reveals his plan to defeat the humans by joining forces. But as soon as he says this, the leaders all laugh in his face. They say they will not help him as Bazarack has personally insulted and humiliated each one of them. But, just then, Bazarack shos Clitaris’ dead body, and all the leaders agree to join only for his sake.

The aliens unite and the great war starts. Humans are outnumbered 90 to one and Renzo even loses his secret weapon, Squiggles, who is restored to normal human size and actually becomes peaceful. Flammy reveals it was her actions that started the war and that she is going on vacation.

Both sides are comical in their preparations and unleash really funny weapons on each other. Like land “mimes”, “zoombas”, and “corgies”. Fichael is on the ground, taking status reports and acting like a leader. Zobo is given to Barry to be given a permanent cure for his chaos addiction. He places a bomb in his private parts that will go off whenever he thinks of chaos.

Val, on the other hand, snaps and turns rogue. Due to an event, she is able to control even Mal’s side of the body parts, and then there is no stopping her. She becomes a killing machine and destroys a big part of Bazarack’s army.

Bazarack misses Clitaris every time he has to make a joke about him or his family. The aliens use their numbers and gain the upper hand. Renzo, seeing that they are losing the war, prepares an escape ship but gives Fichael one last chance to talk to Bazarack. The stupid monster agrees to a peace treaty but loses all his and the aliens’ dignity in the negotiations with Renzo.

The czar has his own plans, despite signing the peace treaty. He is secretly using the “peace celebrations” to gather all the aliens in one place and kill them all using a giant robot made in his form. He also has one made for Fichael, who is less than pleased to learn of the plan. He tries to alert the aliens but a vindictive Val puts him in a locker with the Intellectoids.

Renzo prepares to execute his plan. The Intelletcoids help Fichael get out of the trap and uses his robot to fight Renzo’s. But Renzo actually has a much bigger robot made, against whom Fichael is no match. Renzo is about to kill all the aliens when Barry reveals to Zobo that there is no bomb in his body.

Fichael uses Zobo’s chaos addition to fight Renzo and defeat him. In the middle of all this, Val and Mal are hit and they separate. Now that they have bad blood, they both go their separate ways. Zobo’s chaos is so powerful that it also breaks the shield around the dome. Renzo dies as Fichael holds his dead body.

Bazarack shoots down Banan’s airplane as it is revealed Flammy is having an affair with President Banana. Suddenly, Clitaris appears in front of Bazarack, who shoots him as a reflex action saying he saw a “ghost”.

The Episode Review

Even in the last moments of season one, as Fichael wondered about the tenuous consequences of his actions, Farzar continued its mockery of its viewers.

It does open the possibility of a season two though, but to be honest if it is as unbearable as season one, then fingers crossed for it not happening.

War and Peace was the definitive conclusion to the raging battle between the aliens and humans – on paper. In the show’s universe’s reality, there was never a fight. There were remnants of jealously but nothing too violent or consuming. The finale did bring a couple of dramatic strands from the story that were actually above its brand of comedy.

Val and Mal’s separation – not just the bodies, but their fractured relationship as well. And Fichael sitting with his father Renz’s body in the aftermath of Zobo’s chaos.

For a minute, they seemed like serious-minded expansions in the show’s plot. But the very next moment, Bazarack shoots the “ghost” of Clitaris when he sees his loyal assistant return to him. The factious nature of Farzar allowed experimentation on the creators’ part with every episode bringing a different theme from the American social, economic, and political ethos.

The finale did not have too much of a specific indication of anything but certainly a mix of everything. Unfortunately, it is not too much of an improvement on the other episodes. So the verdict remains the same.

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