Farzar – Season 1 Episode 9 “Memory Wars” Recap and Review

Memory Wars’

It is “Adoraball” time in Farzar episode 9, presumably the planet’s superball iterant. The only difference is that players are allowed to use weapons to win the game. Also, there is a flesh-eating Wendingo that participates.

On this occasion, he wins and with the game, the right to ask Renzo to complete any one wish of it. Wendigo wins because Fichael suddenly pops up from his seat and goes on the field to play for the blue team. In his childhood memories, head always played ball with his father and hence he thought he was great at it.

At the hospital, we learn the truth. Renzo had actually asked Barry to insert memories into Fichael’s head using a memory gun.

Flammy is fed up with the psychological effect Bazarack is having on Renzo. To put things to rest, she writes a letter to him, asking him to end this war and leave Renzo alone. Fichael confronts Renzo over the use of the memory gun but instead of closure, his actions spill a whole truckload of secrets.

Renzo has been planting memories left and right in Fichael’s head, most of them being commercialized for ad space. The prince is greatly hurt. Scootie kidnaps Barry’s mother unless the scientist gets all the human parts of his back to him. Barry had sold all of them in the black market.

When the robot Scootie is prepared to transfer his consciousness to the now human assembled Scootie, Barry makes a mistake by not cutting and pasting but copying and pasting.

This results in two Scooties existing simultaneously, although they hate this idea. Bazrack receives the letter and gets the idea to write back a love letter to Flammy. To do so, he uses Gorpzorp, his pet, and a picture of his own private parts.

The Scooties have a dance-off to decide who stays with the SHAT Squad, but Fichael proposes they both do. The price receives his own memory gun and plans to take revenge on his father. Flammy receives the latter and is guided by her cutlery to act on her urges. Flammy has severe dementia and is hallucinating such scenarios.

Renzo and Fichael have a Mexican stand-off, albeit with memory guns. They try to inject each other with horrible memories, but Fichael’s decision to make Renzo think he is a stapler proves troublesome.

Fichael takes his father to Barry, who suggests that the prince be reduced in size, go into Renzo’s brain, and erase the memory of him being a stapler. When he goes inside, he discovers that Renzo only did all this to give Fichael a perfect childhood as he was insecure that he couldn’t be a good father. The two bond over this admission. The robot Scootie successfully kills the human Scootie.

Flammy comes to Bazrack’s cave to start an affair with him. But Clitaris is alert to the situation and keeps a lookout for his master. On one such occasion, when Bazarack dismisses him for good, Flammy converts the dentures of her teeth into a gun and shoots at Bazarack. She had actually come here to kill him.

But Clitaris gets in the way and dies. Flammy escapes using her jetpack. Clitaris’ last wish is for Bazarack to unite the alien clans and take back the planet from Renzo.

The Episode Review

Is there a threshold to the level Farzar will stop stooping for laughs? Or is it an endless, bottomless pit of apathy and inconsideration? Probably the latter, but actually, its shamelessness is becoming a bit enjoyable.

Memory Wars is another non-serious continuation of the wacky creators’ bid to create a cult out of their stupid universe. As if the Superball rendition wasn’t enough, they also referenced one of the most beloved television shows of our generation in the worst way possible. Even that became acceptable by the end.

To enjoy Farzar, you must dumb yourself down and partake in their childish shenanigans in the name of comedy. It is horny, amateurish, and vaguely derivative all at the same time. Memory Wars cannot be said to have made matters better in comparison to the other episodes. But it is definitely a bit more enjoyable and sensible in tone than the others.

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