Farzar – Season 1 Episode 8 “The Great & Powerful Ozner” Recap & Review

‘The Great & Powerful Ozner’

“The Cluckinator!” is the new, trendy burger that has caused quite a scene lately. People are dying (literally) to get some of it during episode 8 of Farzar.

At the church, we see Renzo claiming to be able to speak with Ozner, the great God of the planet. He communicates through Renzo with the people.

To protect himself from having any more sunset sloppies with Flammy, Renzo claims Ozner has decreed the people not to have any more love-making sessions. Instead, Renzo claims, Ozner has suggested the people stand in long lines for the Cluckniator and bring back the burgers to feed Renzo.

Fichael’s mind begins to ramble as all the things Ozner says benefit his father. Billy gets a “wacky C story” in the episode to be pimped out by the Intellectoids as he isn’t human. A fascinating subplot in the episode revolves around Zobo and Scootie, who are on an adventure to find more snarts, which some claim have gone extinct.

One of those snarts brings them back to a secret hiding place, but it is actually a trap for them. But, they strike a compromise with the Snart king to allow them to “eat” all the criminals and unwanted snarts. This way, it is a win/win for both sides. Bazarack steals Harold’s lunch by mistake but the serial killer says it is okay.

Fichael finally confronts his father. He asks to meet Ozner and Renzo makes it happen. But believing him to be Renzo, Fichael outrages God and he curses the people with years of the plague. He then flies off into the sky.

The plague turns Renzo’s head into a frog and other things happen like lions and chainsaws raining down. Renzo turns completely into a frog and then baits Fichael into going to Ozner as a sacrifice.

At “BazaWraps”, the shop that Bazarack has opened to avoid Harold, he fires a human employee who shoots blindly. In the firing, Harold is shot dead, solving Bazarack’s problem.

The Intellectoids begin auctioning individual parts of Billy. Just then, Barry walks in and saves him. Renzo comes out of nowhere and kills Ozner, returning things back to normal.

The Episode Review

Farzar creators have made it a trend to take an aspect of American pop culture and its socio-economic ethos and satirize it. This time, religion and increasing commercialization are the targets.

Although the ridicule is rather basic, coming in the form of a burger and a made-up God Ozner (Renzo spelled backward), it somewhat effective in getting the desired result.

I low-key expected the makers to insert a joke about Shutter Island when I saw the name spelled backward scene. But it didn’t come. The references game continued with repeated mentions of Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. It isn’t very clear what the creators wanted to show.

Farzar’s love affair with “Wacky C” stories continued here and the best thing about it was that the creators were shameless about it. They really do own the brand of comedy and can take some solace out of it.

For the viewers, though, it can just as easily go wrong. The stuff about preachy white guys – mostly referring to fanatics – is one instance from the humor quotient. This episode was not as good as some of the previous ones in terms of writing but mildly enjoyable nonetheless.

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