Farzar – Season 1 Episode 7 “Baz, Bangs, and Brains” Recap & Review

‘Baz, Bangs, and Brains’

We open episode 7 of Farzar in Renzo square where the hunky czar makes an announcement about the downturn in the economy. He has got bangs.

It is also advertised on the 24-hour All Renzo network. But as it turns out, his loyal subjects only shower praise when in front of Renzo. The local channel announces elections in Farzar.

Eternahead and Susie anchor the show, where the night brings a debate between the candidates. Bazarack is prepared once again to run unopposed as he has for the last 40 years, but in walks Keeno Bampfordor, Bazarack’s fierce, loyal general. He has just come back victorious against the McBurgerites from the “impossible war that Bazarack sent him to participate in.

Keeno is furious when he sees that Bazarack has yielded the lands to humans and stands as a candidate against him. Renzo asks Barry to create a solution for the problem of “backbiting”. The answer? Mega brain.

This is a device that will weed out any negative thoughts against Renzo. This would help in maintaining a sense of false positivity around Renzo to feed his ego. The “Thought Police” begins kidnapping people and aliens who have any negative thoughts against Renzo.

Bazarack’s campaign is threatened when he publicly ridicules the Skull-people and they turn against him. The response from our sassy monster is to make an advertisement maligning himself to get ahead of the story. Clitaris declares it to be a bad move and it shows in the latest polls, where 99% of people would vote against him.

His able assistant still stands beside him. But it all changes when Bazarack goes to his house and makes himself culpable for dropping a rocket on his house after Billy outs him on tv. Ciltaris is outraged and Bazarack doesn’t even apologize.

Renzo’s move is beginning to turn on him. It is actually spreading a lot of hatred among the community, including Renzo, who cannot but think negatively about him with the headgear on. He decides to shut the brain down. But the machine fights back and clamps the door to the button.

It is in a vengeful mood and plops anyone’s head who has a negative thought. Renzo finds Bazarack in his “candy house”. He is next-door neighbors with him in his “meat house”. Renzo wants the monster to win to make the job easier for himself. When Bazarack compliments Renzo on his hairdo, the two sleep together (shocker!).

“Give them something to fear and hate”, Renzo says to the pointy monster. He tells his people all kinds of terrible lies about the aliens. Bazarack chooses the skull people to monger hate. The city has descended into a chaotic show of positivity. Even for mistakes made, people are thanking each other, not risking the chance to get their heads blown up. But Fichael decides to do something about it.

Renzo’s tricks work. The tide is now tied 50/50 with just one voter left – Clitaris. Bazarack secures his vote by posing as his wife and telling him a lie that Bazarack came and apologized to her about the bombing. Fichael helps the machine overload by gathering everyone in the square. It explodes and everyone breathes a sigh of relief.

The Episode Review

The Orwellian overtures aside, this episode brought the shock of the season. Bazarack always seemed like a character whose sexual inclination was not hetero. His effeminate style and tendency always beckoned the question. Now, it is confirmed.

It just came out of nowhere that no one could have even betted on it. Renzo became tempted by the compliment and it just goes on to show that every character in Farzar is capable of producing an unexpected moment out of nowhere.

Gender fluidity is a strong phrase to attach to the show but I think it is more or less a given here. Coming to the “thought police”, Renzo trying to control other people came right out of Orwell’s 1984.

The added twist of the mega brain becoming self-aware was reminiscent of fully realized tonal changes that made shows like Rick & Morty great. Farzar isn’t on that level, yet, and probably will never get there because it is built differently. It is a nice change from the usual dose of crap humor but still too tacky to accept, at times.

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