Farzar – Season 1 Episode 6 “Flammily Reunion” Recap & Review

‘Flammily Reunion’

Fichael’s “seating ceremony” is imminent as Flammy has called her entire family to the kingdom in episode 6 of Farzar. Rulers of the planets of the Zagloot system finally land.

Flammy reveals that in her family, they have a tradition of inbreeding and the “siblings are the spouses”. Uncle Wig is among the family members. But none catches Renzo’s eye as much as Flammy’s twin brother (and ex-fiance), Splammy. He is controlled at his own command by a puppeteer. Fichael and Val’s romance is growing by the day. They are hesitant to take the “next step” in their relationship and need a spark to develop trust between themselves.

Bazarack runs an advertisement to attract soldiers to join his army. Unfortunately, the URL he has created is actually owned by three ladies in a retirement home. Renzo is envious and wary of Splammy, as any slip-ups on his part will allow the evil twin brother to woo Flammy and his kingdom to be lost.

The traditional ceremony is actually not a “seating” but a “seeding” ceremony, where Fichael will have to impregnate all his cousins. He tries to flee and the cousins go after him. Barry has fixed a date with a girl, Galaxia. But when he visits her, she turns out to be a huge entity, who eats planets.

They try to make it work but Barry has had enough. He uses an invention of his to shrink her to normal size but Galaxia leaves her as soon as she is of normal size.

Shady Acreon Four is the planet where Clitaris and Bazarack go to get the URL. He encounters three elderly ladies – Kiki, Ildi, and Edith. The latter two women are ready to give up the URL if Bazarack gets rid of Kiki’s fiance, Harold.

Despite the man’s honesty and loyalty to Kiki, Bazarack photoshops images of himself dressed as a female with Clitaris (quite badly) but because Kiki is the dumb one, she believes it to be true. Val and Fichael’s one-month anniversary is disturbed by the cousins. But they eventually make up.

Renzo tries to kill Splammy in his sleep but using the puppeteer, he defeats him and alerts the palace. Now, Renzo will be guillotined due to breaching the royal code.

Flammy reminds her family members about the tradition to have “ceremonial sustenance before any execution”. They all circle around a hoisted-up Hammy as she does the “deed”. But the next moment, she shockingly explodes.

Flammy then reveals that she poisoned Hammy’s food and extended all the other members. She couldn’t stand Fichael and Renzo’s humiliation by them. All of them die. Renzo promises a night of passion to Flammy and uses the puppeteer to satisfy her needs.

Bazarack admits to Kiki that he lied about Harold and she eventually marries him. But, as it turns out, Edith was right about him as he is a serial killer and murders all three. Bazarack decides to take Harold with him back to Farzar to include him in his ranks.

The Episode Review

This was by far the worst episode of the season. It was mostly unwatchable due to the profound nudity, gore, and unsavory storyline.

If incest is not the thing that makes you the most repulsed, God save you. Some of the creative choices made in the episode are truly shocking. Hoisting up a fat lady and then forcing her to make liquid sounds weird even when one writes it. It could have been completely avoided.

Other than that, we had some interesting sub-plots in the episode. Bazarack’s sojourns with Clitaris are getting funnier and they are definitely developing into the best thing about the show. The puppeteer was a funny touch, both in Splammy and Renzo’s hands.

Fichael is making impressive progress as a character. After the first episode, there was an instant urge to dismiss him as a one-dimensional character engendered in stereotypes. But his romance with Val bodes well for the show’s fortunes. Majorly all other characters are written as caricatures but have not been able to take the step out of this skin. Fichael is gradually doing that.

The running jokes about Flammy’s sexuality and old age are getting borderline offensive and the writers will have to watch out. It is unlikely they will but you never know with ‘Farzar’.

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