Farzar – Season 1 Episode 5 “The Adventures of Daddy O’Baggins” Recap & Review

‘The Adventures of Daddy O’Baggins’

Alien immigrants try to pass into the human city during episode 5 of Farzar. But, they have a surprise waiting for them at the border: “The Extreme Border Patrol” squad meets them as their final challenge to enter.

Renzo relishes watching the reality show, much to Fichael’s frustration. He asks Renzo to revisit his border policies but is shot down by him. Secretly, Renzo uses alien pornography to satisfy his needs. On one occasion, he is seen by Zobo. Renzo grabs hold of him. Zobo reveals he can introduce Reno to Tammy Tentacles, his favorite alien pornstar. But there’s a warning: “do not swallow the squart”.

Renzo stays the night and it is almost perfect, except for the fact that now he is “pregnant”. Zobo says this is a result of him swallowing the squart. Renzo grabs ahold of his neck but Zobo promises he can help Renzo sneak back into the city without Flammy knowing about it. Renzo phones Fichael to take over as czar for the day.

Although he has stupid ideas at first (naturally), Val says to him to use his powers and enact an alien immigration act. Bazarack learns of Fichael’s legislation and decides to sneak in. He wants to take the city to live in “a better home” and not his “filthy lair”.

Renzo and Zobo reach the border patrol where Zobo has to execute a little “chaos” to get past. He uses the truth-blaster he nicked from Barry’s lab to turn the gladiators on the announcer/commentator. But, Renzo had commissioned a final hunky gladiator that they have to get past. Out

of nowhere, Squiggles comes in and defeats him. Renzo captures him in a shoebox. Fichael recruits some aliens for his pilot program. He picks up the Intellectoids (because Val isn’t attracted to them), and Bazarack, disguised as “Daddy O’Baggins”. Bazarack discovers the riches and comfort of the city, especially the pumpkin spice latte and doesn’t want to return. In trying to prove his toughness to Mal, he inadvertently bombs Clitaris’ home and injures his family.

Fichael’s experiment is not going all too well as the aliens are having a hard time settling into city life. Barry has Renzo in operation to complete the abortion. Fichael brings the aliens to the OT and a miracle is nigh upon us. The drink that the aliens are drinking actually kills the foetus and frees Renzo of culpability. Bazarack is forced into leaving the dome against his wishes.

The Episode Review

This episode was probably the most politically vile of the lot. One thing that is clear about Farzar now is that every episode will have a life of its own. There is hardly any story progression as the plot seems to be revolving around the characters’ stupidities more than anything else.

It does look like we might have a war in the final episode, but that is about it. Important issues like the plight of immigration, the State’s apathy, and the recent Roe v. Wade decision were all discussed. Some great one-liners on the last issue were thoroughly enjoyable. Creators have increasingly leaned towards showing how Fichael can become a good leader of humans.

He is certainly more open to ideas and compassionate than Renzo is. His ability to survive wars and be ruthless is probably in question but no leader is born perfect. Bazarack is a riot and by far my favorite character on the show.

He has the best punchlines and breaks the fourth wall the most often. It is almost as if he has a free license to do whatever he pleases. Writers use their creative freedom to craftily conjure up some great sequences. A great episode full of laughs and the unending feeling that Farzar might just be more than it lets on at first sight.

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