Fargo – Season 5 Episode 10 “Bisquick” Recap & Review


The finale of Fargo Season 5 begins with Gator. After being abandoned by his “role model” of a father, he finally finds his feet. Slowly but steadily, he feels his way around the wilderness. All that experimentation brings him to the tunnel that Roy has constructed for an easy escape. Gator keeps on going and finally reaches the other end, which brings him to the surface. Gator calls for help and is quickly noticed by the nearby patrol cars.

Roy has accepted defeat. His mindset was clear in the previous episode as he scampered to make sure he could run away like a loser if things went south…and most probably, they are. He rides up to Odin from the church, who is sitting comfortably on the porch. As Odin begins to mouth off Roy for the “inherent” weakness in his family, the sheriff’s tone gets serious. But the father-in-law doesn’t sense it and he keeps going. 

Ultimately, Roy slashes his throat, condemning Odin to Hell, where he himself will be the “belle of the ball.” Karen suddenly walks in on them, putting a target on her back. Roy tries to chase her but he doesn’t know that Dot is standing on the other side around the edge with a rifle pointed toward Roy. Heroically, she hits him once in the belly. But as she is about to finish things off, Farr and the troops arrive on the scene. This gives Roy enough time to escape and run toward the tunnel.

The SoB is built strong, one has to admit. Farr envelops Dot to protect her from the ensuing gunfire. Odin’s men fight a lost battle as the FBI and police maintain their upper hand. Farr keeps his promise to Dot and follows Roy’s trail of blood to the tunnel. He is about to jump on the trooper but Farr is alert to it. He points a gun at Roy, who has a knife in his hand. Farr upholds the dignity of his uniform and badge. He calls for support on the radio but a chink in his luck allows Roy to pounce before Farr can kill him. 

He drives the knife deep into the trooper’s heart, who dies a quick death. It is one of those moments where we hope that the fallen trooper will battle through it. But alas, it is not to be. He goes cold in moments, bringing an end to his character on the show. Roy continues toward the end of the tunnel. He even climbs out and encourages himself to soldier on. However, Gator has already given up his father, returning the “favour.” Roy Tillman is finally caught and will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

“Nadine” reunites with Gator on an ambulance stretcher, promising to visit him in jail with “cookies.” She is heartbroken when Agent Meyers reveals that Farr didn’t make it.

Dot is reunited with Wayne, Scotty, and Lorraine, which segues into a time jump of a year. It begins with Indira, Dot, and Scotty visiting Farr’s grave. They owe him a lot for everything he did against mightier opponents. Farr’s spirit, resolve, and kindness made him one of the standout characters on the show.

Lorraine meets Roy at a federal penitentiary. He has an abominable neck tattoo now, by the way. Moving past that hideous sighting, Lorraine begins to explain how Roy’s appeal will fail. And the next one as well…and the one after that. See, Lorraine is the single biggest donor to the Federalist Society, who chooses the judges from bottom to top, with the President’s blessings, of course. She also explains that a new private fund has been started by her company.

This is for the welfare of prisoners in that particular penitentiary. It is essentially a hitjob against Roy to exact revenge for all the atrocities he committed against his wives. Roy puts up a brave face in front of her but his expressions change in the face of a lifetime of hell that awaits him. A fitting conclusion for arguably one of the most sinister characters in the show’s universe. 

The last bit of Season 5 is an extended climax set in the Lyon household. Dot is paid a visit by a familiar frenemy. Wayne entertains him in the living room. “Oola Moonk,” enunciates the man clad in a black coat and a stylish albeit antique skirt. Dot is stunned into silence. When everything was going her way, this man had to drop at their house out of nowhere. What happens next is essentially very simple yet profound. Moonk tries to explain that “a debt remains unpaid.” Dot’s eyes give away the surge of fear her body feels.

Wayne is completely clueless. On a side note, he is back to his normal self. Wayne has another dealership under his wing and the family are, in Dot’s words, “moguls.” The underlying tension is solely directed toward Dot, who collects herself and tries to keep her face up. Wayne is preparing chilis for dinner and Dot adds another dish to the table: “Bisquick.” Moonk explains his origins. He is indeed a sin-eater, spanning back thousands of years. 

The flashback we saw in that one episode is authentic. Moonk tells his story teary-eyed; how his poverty was weaponized against him by the rich. The family does their best to include him in the dinner traditions, making him feel “at home.” Moonk is puzzled by this generosity; he has never been shown a kind eye. Dot’s “love and joy” cookie, though, brings a transformative change in Moonk, who bursts into tears of happiness after taking a bite; perhaps the first time that he is eating anything other than sins. 

The Episode Review

Props to the entire creative team of Fargo for another stellar season. Witt Farr’s tragic death is the only unwanted outcome for the viewers. He was arguably the most deserving of them all to live and I feel killing him off didn’t make too much symbolic sense either.

The finale is surprisingly underwhelming relative to the rest of the series. The pace is linear and the punches are flat. Hawley and Co. struggle to escape the predictability element. Its fate was written in the last episode, which works against the flow.

Gator and Dot’s sweet moment is cosmic redemption that is Fargo’s hallmark. The show is so loved because he was able to make it on his own through the tunnel and bring a stop to Roy’s evil reign. The ending of Episode 10 is overtly positive, informed by a changed stance.

I am still puzzled why “Oola Moonk” is such a pivotal figure in the story’s conclusion. He did not prop up ordinarily, only appearing in crucial moments. His connection to Dot is one of those unsolved, inexplicable special features of every Fargo season that needs to remain unbothered. 

Ultimately, I am not too happy with the final outcome but it doesn’t affect the overall positive opinion on Season 5. 

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