Fargo – Season 4 Episode 3 Recap & Review


Episode 3 of Fargo Season 4 begins with a police manhunt underway to find the two escaped convicts. Closing in on them, the police are joined by an eccentric US Marshal known as Dick Wickware. Or, as he’s more commonly known as, Deafy.

He’s in hot pursuit of Zelmare and Swanee and ironically Odis is put on the case to help track them down. Predictably, he’s not happy but keeps a level-head.

Together, they sit in their car and watch as Oraetta drops the pie off at the Smutney household. Deafy makes his move and after bringing in the pie, breaks into the house.

The family are caught completely off-guard and Defy immediately notices 5 plates out on the table for a family of 3.

After searching the basement, the marshal turns his attention to Dibrell and asks her again where the girls are. After a tense and uncomfortable set of questions, the police eventually leave.

Doctor sits down with Ebal where they discuss the slaughterhouse coup. He warns the Doc to respect the deal but after an important story about the war, he’s defiant in keeping the slaughterhouse. “Our word is as good as yours,” he mutters solemnly before leaving.

Elsewhere, Rabbi speaks to Satchel about the trading where we learn Rabbi is no secret to this, having done this twice already. He’s well aware of what Satchel is going through.

Gaetano arrives and overhears them talking, riling up Rabbi by asking what it feels like to kill his own Father. For now he bites his tongue until Josto arrives and tells them all the leave. There’s definitely some sibling rivalry going on here and the tension threatens to spill over at any moment.

Elsewhere, Oraetta falls on her feet and winds up bagging a job with Dr Harvard. On her way out the door, she spies Josto and becomes convinced that he’s looking for her. Although he’s very obviously scouting Dr. Harvard, he agrees to play along.

After snorting a line of coke, she ends up “giving him a hand” before leaving the car.

Loy Cannon walks with his crew and after making an example of a beggar outside (who passes Zelmare and Swanee of all people), Leon pitches a big idea to Loy. He wants a bigger piece of the pie and that comes in the form of becoming his son’s driver.

Meanwhile, Gaetano convinces the family that they need to test Rabbi to make sure he’s loyal to them. As he’s called out the room, he tells Satchel that if he doesn’t return he’s either dead or in jail.

In order to test him, Rabbi is tasked with killing two of Loy’s crew. Only, he hesitates when it comes down to it given it’s Gaetano’s order and not Josto. Leaving the car, he chooses to walk home as he cleverly shows his hand and remains loyal to Josto.

Back home, Zelmare and Swanee are driven out by Thurman but before they go, wind up eating the pie on the table. Unfortunately their attempt to rob a bank on the way hits a serious snag when the effects of the pie come to fruition. The girls vomit and pass wind at the worst possible moment while trying to snatch up the notes.

On the back of the drive-by shooting, Loy rallies the troops and decides to start making their move against the Italians. Only, Doctor is convinced there could be in-fighting between the brothers and they should bide their time.

More importantly, they need to find out who allowed the hit on their men. Was it Gaetano or Josto?

The Episode Review

With less Ethelrida this week, Fargo instead turns its attention to the growing feud between the two rival gangs. There’s an awful lot of tension bubbling up here and Gaetano threatens to undermine everything the Italians have been working toward.

For the most part, this episode does well to draw out the battle lines and Rabbi’s faith is tested in a pretty unnerving moment toward the end.

Oraetta is full-on crazy too and it’ll be interesting to see exactly what her history is and why she’s like that. Hopefully this is explained across the season.

For now though, this gang rivalry continues and everything is left wide open for the remaining episodes.

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