Fargo – Season 4 Episode 11 (Finale/Ending) Recap & Review

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The season 4 finale of Fargo begins with a montage of all those we’ve lost across the season. In the wake of all this destruction and bloodshed, Loy meets with Ebal and hands over Donatello’s ring. This seems to be a symbol for the war to be over but for now, Ebal simply tells him, “I’ll get back to you” before exchanging a warm smile with Zero who’s given back to the Italians.

Not long after, a cacophonous blend of different instruments joins various shots as Oraetta makes bail thanks to an unknown payer. Is it Josto? Well, we’ll soon find out! Josto himself knocks out Dr. Harvard and bundles him in a car alongside his bloodied father-in-law Milvin. Eventually he lights a cigarette and ignites a pool of gasoline under the car, walking away as the entire vehicle goes up in flames.

At the Gadfly Hotel, Loy looks out his hotel window as the doors swing open slowly. The scene suddenly cuts to Josto while an assassin shows up, telling Josto that Cannon has been taken care of and he’s dead now. The gunman? Leon.

However, Leon’s stopped at the last second by Opal who strangles him and stops the gunshot from being sounded. Josto heads out his office and finds Oraetta standing alongside all the Italians.

After Gaetano’s death and his sexual relations with Oraetta, the Fadda convict Josto of crimes against the family. Apparently Oraetta has revealed all, including him mentioning killing his own Father in hospital. Josto’s words in response fall on deaf ears. They’re in the new world now and because of that, Josto is forced into submission and taken away. He’s not the only one though, as Oraetta joins him.

After squabbling in the car, Josto and Oraetta are led out to a freshly dug grave where the former begs for his life. Joe eventually shoots him in cold blood, with our deranged Angel Of Darkness watching him bleed out with joy. As she stares over Joe’s shoulder, she notices the ghost watching her and prepares for the inevitable herself. With Josto and Oraetta dead, it looks like this nightmare is finally ready to be over.

At Ethelrida’s house, Loy shows up and notices the door ajar. He heads inside and finds the place empty save for Satchel, who’s alive and well, in the bedroom playing cards.

As we fade to black, the next scene pans across various areas of Kansas City as Loy and Ebal meet to discuss business. Ebal has a few adjustments to the deal, including taking half of Loy’s business.

Loy does his best to stay calm but as Ebal starts divulging his plan, Loy knows it’s a hopeless case to fight against. The reality is that the Italians will easily kill him and get someone else to take his place. It’s a glass half-full situation, at least that’s how it’s explained to him, with Loy told that they’re leaving him half and he’s now working for the Italians.

Loy makes his decision, tired of fighting and with his boy back at home, and eventually decides that the war is over. As he smiles, looking at his family, Zelmare sneaks up behind him and stabs the man in the back.

“For Swanee,” She mutters triumphantly. From inside, his boy sees Loy bleeding out on the floor and watches as Zelmare drops the knife to the ground, telling him to be quiet and walking away.

As we cut across to Ethelrida, she grabs her suitcases and leaves the frame, just as a gunshot pierces the air.

During a mid-season credit shot we cut back to the moments of Satchel walking down the road, faded under a scene of Mike Milligan (the hitman from season 2) driving down the road. This seems to hint that Mike is actually Satchel, linking the two seasons together for a final, fitting shot of him cocking his gun.

The Episode Review

After last episode’s bloodbath, episode 11 works as a sombre encore; a 37 minute slice of drama that closes out all the big plot points while giving a decent ending to most of the characters involved.

Loy’s ending is certainly fitting, with him smiling at his family before meeting his demise at the hands of the one loose end he’d assumed was dealt with. Josto and Oraetta too have good endings, and the final aerial shot of them together seems to suit their doomed time together. It also helps that we receive a nice montage of all those lost along the way too, showing just what they’ve been fighting for all this time.

And what about that big reveal during the mid-credit scene too? What a lovely way to pay homage to those seasons that have come before and the revelation that this works as a prequel of sorts to season 2 is a nice touch.

Season 4 has arguably been the weakest of the stories we’ve seen grace this anthological series so far but the final couple of episodes have pulled everything together for a nice conclusion to this tale.

It hasn’t been perfect but this has undoubtedly been an enjoyable romp nonetheless, and one I hope is renewed for season 5.

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