Fantasy Island – Season 2 Episode 8 “Walk a Country Mile” Recap & Review

Walk a Country Mile

Episode 8 of Fantasy Island season 2 starts with Elena and Ruby hurrying to welcome some visitors to the Island. Elena mentions that the current visitor has many particular preferences, such as getting to the Island on a boat.

It turns out that the visitor is Shay Fury, a renowned country music singer, joined by her assistant, Beau Braddock. Shay thanks Javier for the boat ride and shows that she likes Javier. Elena introduces the singer and her assistant to the Island and later interrogates her about her fantasy.

She explains that her fantasy is to be able to write her songs again because it’s been a long time. After she’s done, Elena asks Beau what his fantasy is, but he says he’s here for Shay only, and his fantasy is not to have to worry about her coffee.

Beau walks by the shore, where Javier’s daughter recognizes him as a famous musician and is excited. She asks Beau for an autograph telling him she loves his song ‘Walk a country mile.’

However, Shay realizes she is not in her specified suite while in the rooms. She is surprised, but when she looks at her T-shirt, she realizes that the Island has made her and Beau switch places. Beau is a famous musician, while Shay is his assistant.

Shay storms to Beau’s room and finds him in his shower tub enjoying a drink. She’s upset, but they agree to live the fantasy. Shay is glad that she does have to do the things she does to please her fans.

Meanwhile, Javier is talking to her daughter as she mentions knowing Beau Braddock and his country song ‘Walk a country mile.’ She says before her mom’s, she went skiing and was quite happy.

Shay joins them, thinking she is still the once famous songstress but realizes that the two don’t recognize her as she thinks. She orders some drinks for Beau Braddock, saying he is her boss. Shay gets her order and leaves, while Javier’s daughter tells her dad that Shay likes him, but he declines.

Shay takes the drinks to Beau, who is at the shore. Jeanette, an enthusiastic fan, comes and requests a photo with Beau Braddock. However, when she requests Beau to video call with her sister, Beau calls on Shay to stop her.

Elena joins them to ask if everything’s well. Shay tells her that they have already started living their fantasy. She asks Beau Braddock would have a concert on the Island, and they agree. Elena leaves.

Beau is about to proceed with drinking his alcoholic drink, but Shay warns him that it will mess up his voice if he does, so he stops. Beau is busy getting ready for the concert when Shay comes in with a heap of outfits. Beau asks for a French vest, but Shay can’t believe he is asking her for it. They start to argue, and Beau finally tells her that he’d rather lack a voice than lack a soul. Shay leaves.

Ruby and Isla, Ruby’s secret girlfriend, are spending time along the shore when Elena sees her from afar. Ruby leaves to greet her, telling Isla that she might not be comfortable telling her about them because she is going through a breakup phase.

Elena breaks it to Ruby about the concert and that she will introduce Beau Braddock at the concert. Ruby then tells her about Isla, who is more than a friend to her. However, when they go to say hi to Isla, they find that she has already left. Ruby is surprised.

Shay is trying to write a song while playing her guitar, but she really doesn’t get it right. Elena joins her. She reminds her that she has a special opportunity. Shay then remembers that she can do the things she couldn’t do as a celebrity, and she mentions that she will start by finding Javier. Elena is not quite happy about that.

Javier is watching his daughter skiing on ice from a video on the phone. As they talk, Javier is concerned that his daughter is not going to school anymore. She lets him know that she can no longer afford it. Javier offers to pay for her school fees, but she is a little hesitant. She later says she will think about it.

Later on, Ruby finds Beau getting ready for the concert, and he tells him it’s a dream come true. Shay seats next to Javier, and Ruby gets on stage to introduce Beau and everyone’s excited. Beau gets on stage, but he is not able to sing, so he leaves the stage after a few trials.

Elena finds Beau in his room, and as they talk, Beau mentions that Shay once told her that the record he had given her was not really good. Beau says he couldn’t sing because he kept remembering Shay’s words. Beau thanks Elena, and she leaves.

Shay finds Javier playing the guitar by the shore. Shay talks about her life as a celebrity and before she was one. She remembers when she would write songs flawlessly. Javier tells her that he just broke up and it would be too soon to start another relationship.

Javier offers to take Shay on a tour and just when Shay gets on his van which Javier lives in, the door shuts itself. Shay then realizes that the van is her house back then when she used to write songs flawlessly. Javier tried to help, but the door wouldn’t open.

In this van, Shay’s dog is there, her mom’s letter, her song scripts, and her mom’s cake. Finding a guitar, she starts writing a song.

Ruby and Helene are talking as Ruby gets her plates of breakfast on the table. Ruby tells Helene that she has to take Javier’s offer.

Shay is walking happily while humming a song and finds Beau singing in a sad tone. Shay pities him but leaves without saying a word. Later Elena joins Shay in her room, and Shay says she called her to listen to something. Elena notices her well-made room, and Shay tells her that she slept at Javier’s place. She tells her about her experience in the van.

She puts on the ‘Walk a country mile’ song, but Beau is singing it. Shay tells her how she told Beau that the song wasn’t as good even though it was a good song. She opens up that she feels like a terrible person, and that’s why she can’t write songs. Shay finally tells her she needs a favour.

Shay finds Beau and tells him that he has a show that night. Beau declines the offer telling her that he can’t sing because he told him so. Shay then tells Beau that she’s going to apologize to him and tells him that she will fix it.

Meanwhile at the shore, Ruby joins Isla, who is sitting on a log. Isla tells her that she knows that she is secretive but asks her to be patient so that she will open up soon. Ruby tells her that she will wait because she is worth waiting for.

Later, Beau is getting ready for the concert, where Shay tells him that he will be great and he doesn’t ‘suck.’ Javier comes in to tell them that it is showtime and leaves. He also tells Shay that he has booked a seat for her.

Shay tells Beau that he is the best assistant she has ever had and as Beau gets on stage, everyone is excited. Beau dedicates the song to Shay and manages to sing, as the crowd applauds him. Elena looks at Javier and Shay together, and looks hurt. Shay admits to Javier that she is not Beau’s assistant and that she’s the one that wrote that song.

Shay thanks Javier for helping find her home and tells him that the song has him and her daughter too. They both kiss, and Elena sees them.

Later, Javier gets out of his van only to be startled by Helene outside, asking if he meant what he said. Helene has made arrangements for school and she will be leaving that day. They both hug, and Helene leaves.

Shay and Beau are leaving, and the people are busy cheering them on. The fantasy is over, and they both go back to their normal selves. Shay reveals that she had a good time on the Island. She also says she will write songs, and Beau can do the vocals.

Javier tells Shay how her song helped her daughter and hugs her goodbye. Elena rushes the two and seems to be upset about how close they are getting.

Helena joins them to say goodbye to Ruby and Elena. She thanks Ruby for becoming a good friend and a drinking buddy. She later tells Elena to take care of her dad while she’s at school. Helene then leaves, and Ruby escorts her to the boat.

The Episode Review

I am glad that Helene has decided to leave the Island and focus on her dreams. She came to the Island to find her dad and mourn her mom, it is only right that she starts moving on and chasing her dreams. Her dad, Javier, will always be there for her and they can always work on their relationship but youth is fleeting and she deserves to do something she loves.

Also, with her gone maybe Elena will finally be able to tell Javier why she broke up with him. I don’t think it is Helene’s fault, Elena should have given Javier the simple courtesy of explaining why she came to such a decision. Hopefully, Javier will forgive her and understand.

I loved the message that the guests in this episode wanted to pass. We always worry whether we are good enough and overthink about chasing our dreams. In most cases, our self-doubts are what keep holding us back. I hope we can all learn to stop doubting ourselves and just pursue our dreams wholeheartedly.

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