Fantasy Island – Season 2 Episode 7 “#Happy” Recap & Review


Episode 7 of Fantasy Island Season 2 starts with Elena watching as the seaplane makes its way towards the island, her mind filled with doubts about her recent breakup with Javier. She goes to the mirror and assures herself that she did the right thing.  When she arrives at the dock, she meets up with Ruby, who asks to practice her Spanish language skills with her.

As they stand there, they see the Grant family arriving, with Amber, the mother, looking ecstatic about their destination. However, the rest of the family, including Dan, Trevor, and Riley, seem less enthusiastic. Amber expresses a desire to take a family vacation photo, but after some persuasion from Elena and Ruby, they agree to postpone it until later when the lighting is better.

Isaiah Hughes, another guest, shows up, and Elena hands him an envelope before he inquires about the location of the bar. Ruby inquires about the reason for the exchange, and Elena confides that Isaiah’s fantasy is to learn the date of his demise, which is written on the paper inside the envelope.

Javier passes by, offering a brief greeting that piques Ruby’s curiosity. Elena shows ignorance and advises Ruby to speak with Isaiah while she goes to catch up with the Grant family.

Once she arrives, Elena has a conversation with Amber, who is seeking to fulfil her own fantasy without the knowledge of the rest of her family. She shows Elena a picture of Riley who is a star athlete but doesn’t want anything to do with it. Trevor on the other hand is smart but he is always on his devices. She confides in Elena about her difficult upbringing and expresses her desire for her family’s happiness. Elena assures her she can live her fantasy on the island. They leave to take a family photo but the family is hesitant still, they take the photo.

Upon returning to the room, Riley goes directly to the closet to remove the outfit her mom bought for the whole family. Trevor flops onto the couch with his phone while Dan prepares to grade papers. Riley declines an invitation from her mother to play tennis and Amber, feeling dejected, takes a seat and comes across the photo taken by Elena, amazed by how perfect it turned out.

Suddenly, Dan reappears and proposes that they go snorkelling as a family. Trevor removes his headphones, and Riley joins in with excitement, much to Amber’s delight.

While checking on Isaiah, Ruby encounters Helene tending the bar and she is happy to see Helene working. Ruby inquires about Isaiah’s fantasy. Ruby asks him why he wants to know his death date. He reveals that his father passed away unexpectedly when he was just ten, and he has always believed that he too would die young. As a result, he has never made long-term plans or thought about the future. Recently, however, he has met someone he wants to spend the rest of his life with but is unsure if he will have the opportunity to do so.

After having an enjoyable day of snorkelling, the Grants return to their lodgings in even higher spirits than before. Amber is surprised by their enthusiasm, and Dan suggests they have a lobster dinner, which everyone agrees to.

In the middle of the night, Amber is awakened by a tapping sound. While Dan and Trevor are sound asleep, Riley is nowhere to be found. Amber discovers her on the tennis courts hitting balls and insists she returns to bed. When Amber takes Riley’s racquet, she notices blood on the handle.

Ruby pays a visit to Javier, who reveals that Elena has ended their relationship and he desires some time alone. He doesn’t understand why they broke up. Ruby thinks it makes no sense and apologizes to Javier.

On the beach, Amber applies some salve to the blisters on Riley’s hand, which she got from practising tennis. Despite Amber’s concern, Riley insists that the wounds do not cause her any discomfort. While observing Dan and Trevor throwing a football, Amber notices that their movements seem almost robotic.

Elena checks in on Amber, who comments that things don’t quite feel real, but ultimately decides not to overthink it. She is content to see her family happy and appreciates that Dan planned a date for them without her needing to prompt him. She then leaves to go get ready for the date.

Isaiah returns to the bar and orders a beer from Helene. She serves it to him and comments that she wouldn’t want to know the date of her death if she were in his shoes.

Javier comes over and asks Helene why she is working behind the bar. She explains that she landed a job, and he approves before ordering a beer. Javier then reveals that Elena has ended their relationship.

As Amber gets dressed for her date, Riley offers to assist her with her necklace. While glancing at herself in the mirror, Amber sees another Riley trapped on the other side of the glass, screaming for help.

During dinner, Amber attempts to inform Dan about what she witnessed. He reassures her that their children are doing fine and that she shouldn’t worry. When Amber persists, he distracts her with a diamond tennis bracelet.

Dan leads Amber to the dance floor, where she gazes down at the reflective surface and observes another Dan pounding on the other side, calling out her name. Amber lets go of him and asks who he is. Dan responds that he is the husband she has always wanted. Amber runs away.

Upon catching Elena browsing through photos on her phone, Ruby asks her about the breakup. Despite Elena’s claims of being occupied, Ruby reveals that she has talked to Javier and knows that Elena ended their relationship without explanation.

In response, Elena lashes out and suggests that their friendship has become too close and that she regrets becoming friends with Ruby. However, Ruby reminds Elena that her pain does not give her the right to inflict harm on others and departs.

Elena attempts to follow Ruby, but Amber enters the office and demands to know what has happened to her family. Elena advises Amber to examine her own happiness and focus less on presenting her family as content.

After returning to her room, Amber hears the sound of banging once more. She discovers Trevor destroying his electronic devices, prompting her to investigate further. Upon examining his tablet, Amber encounters a trapped version of Trevor within the device.

As she attempts to leave, Dan appears outside her door, forcing her to hide in the bathroom. While looking at herself in the mirror, Amber follows Elena’s advice and attempts to examine herself more deeply. In an instant, she finds herself transported through the looking glass into a dark and dreary space.

As she explores her surroundings, Amber recites her multiplication tables, a childhood tactic for coping with discomfort. To ensure that she knows how to exit, she marks the door with an “X”. However, her fear grows as the shadows begin to envelop her.

Desperately searching for a way out, Amber discovers a stairwell and begins to climb. Although she reaches another corridor, all of the doors are locked, except for one that opens to reveal a bedroom bathed in red light. Inside, she discovers various items, including a tennis racquet with her name inscribed on the handle. As she contemplates the object, she is suddenly seized from behind.

It’s Dan with the kids and Amber shows them the items she found, which were from her traumatic childhood. Riley asks why Amber never talked about it, to which she explains that she wanted to give her kids a better childhood than she had. Amber found a discarded tennis racquet and begged her parents for lessons to feel a sense of belonging.

Dan takes responsibility for not being a good parenting partner, while Trevor acknowledges everyone has something to be sorry for. They decide to flee and rush towards the stairwell, but Dan falls and twists his ankle. Amber helps him up and urges the kids to continue without them.

As they barricade the door, Amber sees Elena in the mirror and demands she rescues them. However, Elena insists that she must save her family on her own.

Meanwhile, Isaiah is served a Zombie cocktail by Helene, who comments that he’s living like a dead man. He’s irritated by her remark and she points out that he’s in a beautiful tropical paradise. Taking him to the beach, Helene encourages him to take off his shoes and feel the water, playfully kicking water at him and initiating a water battle.

Helene opens up about losing her mother and how much people still miss her, receiving letters from those who were devastated by her mother’s untimely passing. She advises Isaiah that living a good life is what counts, and people will be heartbroken when he’s gone. Knowing one’s time of death shouldn’t affect how one lives their life. Isaiah hands Helene the envelope to burn.

Meanwhile, in the mirror world, Amber is frustrated by Elena’s advice to communicate with her family and angrily smashes the bathroom mirror. Amber and her family discuss their issues while the turbulence outside rages. As they communicate, the turbulence gradually subsides, and they find themselves back in their room once their emotions are expressed.

Later, Helene visits Javier and asks him how he’s doing, insisting that he’s honest with her. As he goes to make her coffee, Helene takes a peek at Elijah’s envelope before burning it.

Meanwhile, Ruby joins Elena at the dock to say goodbye to the guests. She’s still annoyed by Elena’s comment about their work-only relationship. When the Grant family requests another photo, they ask Ruby to take it.

As they walk away from the dock, Elena apologizes, and Ruby forgives her. Suddenly, Ruby feels her tattoo tingle and gasps in surprise.

Elsewhere, Segundo locks Suite 12 and walks away, but the door rattles on its hinges.

The Episode Review

Elena should have explained to Javier why she is breaking up with him. It is just simply a courtesy to let someone know why you are ending a relationship with them. I am glad she apologized to Ruby after lashing out at her.

I am curious to know why Ruby’s tattoo tingled and what/ who Segundo locked in the room. They are probably related and something bad is going to happen on the island. I hope Ruby and Elena will be able to save it though before that happens!

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